Zenwise Health Green Tea Extract Review

green tea extract diet pill from Zenwise

When it comes to buying a green tea extract supplement, there are a lot of options. Tons, I would say. So do you know what one to buy? How do you differentiate from all the choices?

I tried out a bunch of the different green tea supplements on the market and have narrowed it down to a select few that rise above the rest. This one from Zenwise definitely makes the list. Continue reading below for my full review.

Zenwise Green Tea Extract Supplement

What makes this one stand out? It seems like all supplements in a category are all pretty much the same, so what’s different about this one from Zenwise?

Just like the others on the market, this one contains natural green tea extract, but it has something that the others don’t, and that’s the addition of Vitamin C. Is that essential for the purposes of this capsule? No, it’s not a weight loss nutrient per se, but you can’t deny that it is a crucial vitamin that you should be sure that you’re getting enough of in your diet.

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

This kind of supplement has seen rising popularity in recent years for its use as a diet pill. The reasons for this are numerous:

  • Gives you a metabolism boost: the nutrients and antioxidants in green tea are a natural fat burner, increasing your metabolism so you are burning fat at a faster rate
  • Immune system support: the polyphenols in green tea, especially when combined with Vitamin C, are an amazing source of antioxidants that give your immune system a kickstart to help fight off illness and disease
  • Better brain function: studies have indicated that the properties of green tea can lead to greater mental focus, alertness, and improved cognition
  • Heart health: green tea is beneficial for overall wellness, particularly helpful for cardiovascular function

With all the above benefits, regular use of a green tea extract supplement can lead to a slimmer, healthier body, more energy, an increased mood, and a happier you!

What Customers Are Saying

With over 1,400 reviews and a 4+ star rating (as of the time of this writing), this product is obviously well-received by its customers. Here is a sampling of what verified customers are saying after using this product:

  • “Definitely love this product!! Totally can feel my metabolism revved up and even if I eat high calorie sweets or fatty foods, if I take one pill, I feel like I lose weight in the morning. I only take it after big meals though, otherwise I feel like my metabolism is too high and I need to eat more! I am usually sensitive to caffeine, so this decaffeinated version is awesome and I don’t feel jittery or it doesn’t keep me up at night.”
  • “I have tried multiple brands of this product and this brand is by far my favorite!!”
  • “Started taking these per suggestion of my Dr. to help lower my cholesterol and weight loss. I have dropped several points in cholesterol and have noticed a decrease in weight. I was losing .25 to .5 lbs a week now I am around .75 to 1lb a week since I started taking these. While it does not contain caffeine I did feel more energized but not shaky or jittery.”

Where to Buy

For pricing information, as well as more detailed information on this product, you can visit the Amazon listing here. You can also view the other green tea extract supplements I recommend here.

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