Yerba Mate for Weight Loss

how yerba mate herbs help with weight loss

When you want supplements that will help improve your health, you want to go with natural ingredients. There are so many ancient herbal remedies that have been used for centuries to alleviate the symptoms of all kinds of ailments, and recent clinical studies have been uncovering the powers that they have in weight loss as well.

Yerba Mate, found in diet pills like Zotrim (reviewed here) has a ton of benefits for your body, along with properties that make it an ideal ingredient for weight loss. Continue reading below in this supplement ingredient analysis to find out how it accomplishes that goal.

How Yerba Mate Boosts Weight Loss

This South American herb has been used medicinally for ages for good health (described here) and has been famously been referred to as “food for the Gods” because of the amazing powers that it holds. There are so many health benefits – like providing a boost of energy and strengthening your immune system – though interest has spiked in recent years due to its connection with losing weight. Here are a few ways that yerba mate helps make that happen.

Suppressing Your Appetite

The recipe for weight loss is to consume fewer calories and burn more calories. That creates a caloric deficit and there’s no other choice but for weight to fall off. While some diet pills work towards increasing your metabolism to help you burn calories faster, yerba mate tackles the other half of the equation. Studies have indicated that this herb can help make you feel full sooner and longer after it is consumed.

weight loss benefits of yerba mate

With less hunger, you are less likely to overeat and indulge in unhealthy snacking. Many people take a diet pill and expect to see results, not changing any of their other habits. To really make progress, you need to make smarter choices in the kitchen. Yerba mate helps you stay more disciplined to your diet.

Improving Your Mood

One reason that many people overeat is due to their emotions. Think about when you are depressed. You grab a bowl of ice cream or your favorite pint of Ben & Jerry’s and eat away your feelings. Yerba mate has been shown to lift your mood, reduce anxiety, and get rid of nervousness and agitation. With this uplifted mood, you are less likely to make poor choices and eat out of emotion.

Better Sleep

I talk elsewhere on this site about the connection between sleep and weight gain. Sleep is so important for your health. It resets your battery and is the period when your body does the most work for recovery from physical, mental, and emotional stress. It is like when your computer is on the fritz. What do you do? You turn if off and turn it back on. Your body is the same way.

Yerba mate helps to promote a healthier sleep cycle, meaning you fall asleep easier and sleep more deeply. During this time, your hormones become more balanced, blood sugar levels are balanced, and other internal mechanisms are correcting all your bodily functions. This includes your metabolism! Plus, when you are falling asleep easier, you’ll be avoiding late night snacking.

Get More Yerba Mate in Your Life

Given the above benefits, there is no doubt that you want to consume more of this herb. You can find it in some diet pills, like Zotrim which was linked to at the beginning of this post. It is also available as a tea and a standalone supplement, which you can find below on Amazon.


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