October 17, 2018

Sports Research Blueberry Concentrate Review

best blueberry supplement

After finding out about all of the health benefits of blueberries, I knew I had to get more of this delicious fruit into my diet. They are a tasty snack and highly transportable, but I wanted an even more convenient way to get all their health properties in a high dose. Enter this supplement from Sports Research.

Best Blueberry Supplement

As I’ve written many times on this site before, whenever I’m choosing between supplements, I look for something that is 100% pure. No fluff, no fillers, no additive, no artificial colors or flavors. Just give me the real deal.

I found that with these blueberry softgels from Sports Research, with a 60-count bottle of 800 mg soft capsules at a very affordable price on Amazon.com. These supplements are made from US grown wild organic blueberries and are absolutely packed with all the antioxidant powers that I described in the post linked to at the beginning of this review.


I already mentioned the antioxidant powers, which have numerous benefits for your body. Antioxidants fight against free radicals that attack your body inside and out, making you age prematurely. The phytonutrients in this berry are very strong in attacking these toxins and flushing them out.

They also help with oxidation of fatty acids in your arteries, which in turn leads to greater heart and cardiovascular health. On top of that, blueberries have been demonstrated to show marked improvement in eye-related issues, blood pressure regulation, in addition to increasing mental cognition and clarity.

best blueberry supplement


The ingredient list of this is simple. The lion’s share of the formula is organic wild blueberries, as mentioned previously. For consistency of the formula, it also contains trace amounts of organic extra virgin olive oil and organic yellow beeswax, plus some gelatin to form the softgel the formula is contained in.

It’s much more worthwhile to list what is NOT contained in this supplement, to show how pure of a blueberry concentrate you are getting. You WON’T find:

  • GMO’s
  • Preservatives
  • Fillers
  • Artificial colors
  • Soy
  • Stearates

Plus, in their concentrated form, you are getting all of the benefits of blueberries without all the sugars, carbohydrates, and calories (though minimal) that come with this fruit.

What Users Are Saying

I’ve already told you why I love this product, but here’s a sample of what others have said about this product:

  • “I love this product. I noticed an improvement with my concentration and memory within a week. No more brain fog or not being able to think of a word. Hallelujah!!!”
  • “I have much less brain fog, tiredness, irritability, and my thyroid medication dosage needed to be reduced recently.”
  • “I feel so much more focused. I have not been hungry 24/7 like usual. I use this to curb my appetite and increase my energy, does both very well!! Focus is an added benefit!”

Where to Buy

I’m an absolute fanatic of Amazon Prime and more than getting my money’s worth on my annual subscription fee. Pretty much all of my supplements are purchased through there, as well as much of my other shopping. I found a great price on this product from Sports Research there. It’s what put it on my radar in the first place. I’m absolutely loving it. I know I’m not alone, judging by the over 600 reviews giving it an aggregate 4.5-star rating.

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