What is the Best Dehydrated Urine?

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With the legalization of marijuana in the USA, there are many more people using marijuana on a recreational basis. While I believe this is a much more healthy way to live when compared to getting absolutely piss drunk on booze, there are still some downsides to consuming marijuana, and major employers definitely have to watch their backs. When people consume too much marijuana, they can lose control and have poor judgement, so drug testing in large companies, especially for jobs that require one to use heavy machinery, is quite common.

Big companies usually require a drug test before you can start working, especially those companies listed in the Fortune 100. This is definitely a big problem if you know that you might fail this drug test. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to pass this test and help you get the job of your dreams.

However, many of these methods to cleanse your body from toxins may require time, which is why many people choose dehydrated urine as a quicker option.

What Is Dehydrated Urine?

Dehydrated urine is used to pass a test (often a drug test) that needs a urine sample. It’s available in powdered form and comes with a kit to help you make a synthetic urine. Interestingly, the synthetic urine has the same nature and even odor with the natural human urine.

How To Use The Dehydrated Urine?

Dehydrated or powdered urine is produced by taking a large amount of real human urine and solidifying them through mass dehydrators. From its powdered form, consumers can revert it back to its natural form by adding some water and use it as a urine sample.

However, turning the powdered urine into its natural state is a bit challenging. You need to add a specific amount of water and let it set at a specific temperature to qualify as a real human urine. Thankfully, manufacturers offer a detailed instruction to help you create a synthetic urine and take it to the laboratory for a urine sample.

The powdered urine is sold with a heating strip and a vial. The vial is used as a container for the mixture of powdered urine and water. The heating strip is used to bring the right temperature of the synthetic urine. The right temperature is between 32 to 38 degrees Celsius.

Is It Effective?

Dehydrated urine is very effective to let you pass the drug test because it’s all natural. The powder is created using real human urine which is dehydrated into a fine powder. With the right temperature, you can immediately turn the powder urine into its liquid form.

Coming soon, I’ll have two recommendations for people who are looking to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test!


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