Wasp Nests to Tighten Vaginas?

the dangers of using a wasp nest to tighten vaginas

Ok, I’ve heard some crazy things in my day, but when I was browsing around the news online today I saw something that totally shocked me. I’m a big fan of feminine rejuvenation and have taken the proper, safe course in doing so. There are a ton of products out there that naturally work to restore moisture to the area and tighten up your nether parts that aren’t quite as firm as they used to be.

While I’m all for natural products, some people out there have taken this to extremes and I just had to comment on this.

Tightening the Vagina With Wasp Nests

Ok, seriously, read that again. I can’t believe that people are actually doing this. Just go buy a topical product from Amazon or something. You won’t see me near something as bizarre as this. I came across this article and it shocked me for a bit. Alright, so the shock died down a little bit when I read through the article carefully and saw that they are using dried, ground wasp nests.

At first my thought it was like a fresh one with nectar… and the possibility that they didn’t get all the wasps out carefully enough? Just the thought of a wasp hiding in a little nook and cranny, then rubbing that on my va-jay-jay just gives me the chills.

So it isn’t as extreme as the headline led me to believe, but still, doctors are cautioning against this practice. Apparently, it runs a lot of risks. One of the benefits of using a feminine rejuvenation product is that it restores hydration to the area. Using dried wasp nests has the exact opposite effects, with doctors warning that it can dry up all your natural vagina mucus.

don't use a wasp nest to tighten your vagina!

This has a number of bad side effects. First of all, who wants to be dry down there? That’s not healthy. Especially during sex, it can lead to abrasions from all the friction it causes. No thank you. Your natural mucosa act as a lubricant, not to mention preserve your feminine health. There is good bacteria in there, and drying it up with a wasp nest destroys it.

There’s a good quote in the article from Dr. Jen Gunter, a gynecologist from New York. “Here’s a pro-tip, if something burns when you apply it to the vagina, it is generally bad for the vagina.” So true, and not just for the vaginal area. It’s a good credo to live by for all kinds of topical products you apply.

There is a misconception among women that a damp vagina means an unhealthy vagina. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As explained above, those natural oils are healthy for you, containing good bacteria that protects you. Don’t dry it up!

What to Use Instead

If you’re looking to tighten your vagina, don’t go with the route mentioned above. There are so many safe, natural products to choose from, which I cover in this post about how to tighten your vagina. Be safe and protect your lady-parts!

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