November 28, 2018

Vitamin D3 and Testosterone

the relationship between vitamin d and testosterone

It is important to get enough Vitamin D in your diet (as well as through exposure to the sun), as well as produce enough of the hormone testosterone. But did you know that these two critical components of healthy are interconnected?

It is no surprise that Vitamin D, in the form of Cholecalciferol, is a popular active ingredient in many testosterone boosting supplements (like those reviewed here). I decided to do some research to find the science behind it and why many of the best test-boosting supplements boast about having this as part of their formula.

How Does Vitamin D Boost Testosterone?

Let’s take a step back for a second and talk about the sources of Vitamin D. This is a fat-soluble nutrient that you can find in many food sources, particularly fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines, as well as in mushrooms. It is also prevalent in dairy foods, as milk is highly fortified with this vitamin.

On top of that, it isn’t called the “sunshine vitamin” for nothing, as our bodies produce it naturally when we are exposed to sunlight. However, as you know, getting too much sun can lead to skin cancer, so if you’re wanting to get more Vitamin D, let’s stick to diet and supplementation instead of unprotected exposure to the sun.

How Vitamin D and Testosterone are Related

One particular study on the relationship between these two biomarkers was conducted on military members at Fort Bragg, North Carolina – young, active men who rely on physical performance to do their jobs well. It was measured that these men had a high concentration of Vitamin D in their bodies, as well as a high level of total testosterone, indicating a link between the two.

how does vitamin d help boost testosterone?

Another study was performed on a group of over 650 Korean men where all sorts of biometrics were measured. It was found that those who had a high level of measured testosterone, on average had 15% more of Vitamin D in their bodies than those with lower testosterone levels.

While it is unclear in the role that Vitamin D plays in testosterone production, or maintaining a proper level for hormonal balance, evidence suggests that these two clearly have a positive correlation.

However, a further study provided a hypothesis that is similar to that of testosterone and zinc, as well as magnesium and testosterone. It is suggested that supplementing with Vitamin D will be beneficial if there is a general deficiency in this vitamin. However, if levels are already sufficient already, not much benefit is gained.

Supplements Containing Vitamin D

If you feel that perhaps your physical performance or sluggishness is due to a deficiency of Vitamin D, there are many testosterone boosting supplements that contain this essential vitamin. It is a common ingredient among many of the top-selling t-boosters on the market, which I review on this site and can be found linked below:


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