December 13, 2018

Top Diet Trends of 2018

most searched diets on Google in 2018

As they do at the end of every year, Google released their annual “Year in Search” where they highlight the top 10 searches for a variety of categories during that year. Included in that review is a list of the most searched diets in 2018. A few of these I have written about on this site. Others, I have never heard of before.

So what was trending in the diet industry in 2018, at least according to search traffic? Continue reading below to see what was buzzing this year.

Most Searched Diets of 2018

I’ll list these from the least searched to the most searched. There is no surprise, to me, about what was #1, though some of the others are absolutely foreign to me. Perhaps I’ll have to dig into them and put some new content on the site to describe what they’re all about. Maybe I’m missing out on something great!

The Shepherd’s Diet

This one makes the Paleo Diet look outdated and highly restrictive, by comparison. This program uses what they call “God’s Guidelines” to make their food choices, which consists of basically fish and loaves of bread. Sounds like a good way to go hungry all the time. However, it is high fat and low carbs, so it jives pretty closely to the keto diet that has become all the rage lately.


This one started as a meal plan for those who have irritable bowel syndrome. The acronym stands for fermentable, oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols. Yeah, I’ll stick with the name FODMAP. What it entails refraining from foods that have specific carbs that cause gassiness and bloat in the intestines.

Fasting Diet

This is based on the principle of intermittent fasting, which is a cycling of phases of hunger and indulgence. This throws your metabolism a curveball so it doesn’t get used to a normal eating pattern. While you can lose weight in the short term, it takes a lot of discipline to stick to it in the long-term and may not be for everybody. Can you really dedicate yourself to this plan for the rest of your life?

Dr. Gundry Diet

Started by Steven Gundry, the man behind The Plant Paradox, this diet consists of removing lectins from your diet as a way to fight against immune system issues. However, there is very little scientific evidence behind the danger of lectins, so the strength of this diet is pretty inconclusive.

Optavia Diet

This is a diet foods program that works like a home delivery meal plan. You are sent small meals to eat through the day as a way to lose weight.

The kits are pretty expensive, costing hundreds of dollars. You also get assigned a personal coach with this program.

There is a lot of convenience to this program if you can afford it – it takes away grocery shopping and meal planning. However, it can be tough to stick to the rigidity of this plan.

Mediterranean Diet

This one has been popular for many years, and new research continues to come out that supports the health benefits of this eating plan. It consists of eating like those in the Mediterranean area, with plant-based foods, fish, poultry, healthy fats, whole grains, olive oil, stuff like that. You’re also encouraged to have a little bit of wine!

Carnivore Diet

Yeah, I love to eat meat, but going on an all-meat diet just sounds like overkill to me. You need to balance things out with a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables. You are missing out on way too many important nutrients otherwise. There isn’t a lot of scientific basis behind this diet, and it can be hard to sustain eating just one type of food in the long-term.

Noom Diet

They call this one “Weight Watchers for Millennials”, as it uses an app that teaches you healthy habits and smart eating choices. You can keep track of your meals, your exercise activity, blood pressure, weight, etc. It also has a lot of health resources and connects you to a health coach.

Dubrow Diet

Named after Heather Dubrow of Real Housewives of Orange County and her husband Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon and host of Botched, this diet is a spin on intermittent fasting. They instead call it “interval eating.” Seems like a fad to me, quasi-celebrities trying to cash in on their social media following.

Keto Diet

This comes as no surprise to me that the Keto diet is the top of the list. It is everywhere these days. It involves eating lots of healthy fats and minimal carbs to force your body into ketosis. This is a process in which your body burns fat for energy, as opposed to sugars (carbohydrates). It is pretty restrictive but can be a great way to lose excess fat and tone your physique.


T.J. LaPanta is a Florida based aspiring comedian and health nut.
When he's not trying to hack his way through a post-graduate degree, he's slaving away in the kitchen, working out, or trying to score a date.

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