December 27, 2018

Tips to Eat Better in 2019

If you want to eat better in the new year to hit your weight loss goals, it’s time to learn from the mistakes that you made in the past year that put you in this shape in the first place. The New York Times put together a year-end wrap up that highlighted some of the best diet articles that they wrote over the year, as voted by their readers. Implement these into your lifestyle in the next year to help reach your goals!

Diet Tips for 2019

If you want to eat better next year, take a look at some of these NYT articles for some great diet tips that can help you shed some unwanted weight. These were the favorite topics from their readership over the course of the year and provide a wealth of information that can be easily implemented into your lifestyle.

Eating a Low Carb Diet

It was found that adults who cut carbohydrates out of their diet and replaced them with healthy fats were able to lose a considerable amount of weight.

This helps your body reach a state of ketosis (described here), whereby you are burning fat for your body’s energy as opposed to carbohydrates. 

diet tips from NYT

It is said that individuals who follow this kind of diet can burn, on average, up to 250 calories per day more than someone on a regular diet.

If you’d like to read the full article regarding this topic, you can find it here.

Practice Diet Quantity, Not Quality

Rather than focusing on how much you are eating by counting calories and portion size, instead you should be focusing on the kinds of foods that you eat. It is much more beneficial to be getting more calories from meals that are rich in nutrients than it is to starve yourself and getting your limited calories from less healthy food options. Don’t stress over calories. Rather, make smarter choices with what you eat.

You can find more information on this topic in their article here.

When You Eat is Important

Just like the article provided above focuses on what you eat, another critical component is when you eat. It was found that our bodies function at their best when we follow an eating schedule that is aligned with our natural circadian rhythm. Eating late night snacks or having meals too close to bedtime can disrupt our natural schedule, messing up our metabolism and causing weight gain and a host of other issues.

Read more about the timing of your meals in the NYT article here.

Tips for Eating Less Sugar

If you want to lose weight, you need to cut out unhealthy snacking and make smarter choices. However, it can be tough to cut sugar completely from your diet. This article goes into detail on how you can reduce your consumption of sugar while still having sweet treats in your diet. It has a lot of helpful advice and snack alternatives that you may end up enjoying more than the unhealthy snacking you’ve been doing!


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