Thought Cloud Signature Series Ultra CBD Oil

Signature Series Ultra CBD Oil from ThoughtCloud

You may feel like you’ve seen this product before, as it is pretty similar to a couple other products that I’ve reviewed on here. ThoughtCloud CBD has a full line of “signature series” oils that are amazing for daily use to get rid of chronic pain, aches, stress, and anxiety. They are offered in a range of strengths, two of which are found in these other reviews:

Those two are 900 mg and 1,800 mg, respectively. Their Ultra version in their Signature Series takes things to an even further level with an amazing 3,600 mg strength!

Signature Series Ultra CBD Oil from ThoughtCloud

If you’ve read the other two reviews for their Signature Series products, a lot of this will be repetition. If this is the first review of its kind that you’ve read, here is what you can expect from this incredibly high strength CBD oil.


  • MCT Oil (coconut oil) – this is used as a carrier liquid, increasing absorption for faster results
  • Organic Natural Flavoring made from plant extract
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Cannabidivarin CBDV
  • Cannabichromene CBC
ultra cbd oil from ThoughtCloud

Key Attributes

Every bottle is 2 fluid ounces, 60 ml of pure hemp oil. On top of that, every batch of this oil is lab-tested for purity.

This hemp oil is non-GMO, 100% organic, raw hemp cultivated at Thought Cloud’s farms in Colorado. No pesticides, herbicides, nor chemical fertilizers are used in any part of the growing process.

Each bottle lasts for about 1,200 drops, and with the strength of this oil, a few drops will serve you well for the day. This bottle lasts a long time!

What TC Customers Say

It is clear that this product has been well-received by ThoughtCloud’s customers. Here is what a few had to say on their website:

  • I am so incredibly grateful for ThoughtCloud products! As someone who’s struggled with anxiety, depression, weight issues and PTSD, I never believed I could find freedom from medications or fully experience and create the life of my dreams… much in thanks to these products, I am!
  • This CBD is making me a better more confident and social person. I love it!
  • After using Thoughtcloud CBD for almost a month including my dog we both feel more elevated. I feel less pain and my mind is more clear.
  • I love it. My favorite CBD oil. Helps me, my husband and 2 of my teens with anxiety, stress, insomnia, and skin issues.

Where to Purchase

Along with all the other Thought Cloud products I review on this site, you can buy the Ultra CBD oil directly from their website. It is a bit more expensive than the other two options in their Signature Series, at just over $200, but I have deemed it an investment well worth it. Its strength is unmatched by just about any other oil you’ll find on the market. When you want fast, effective relief from mental and physical stresses, reach for the strongest and most potent CBD available anywhere.

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