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Everyone can benefit from the medicinal properties of CBD. They provide tremendous benefits to all walks of life, and that includes children. However, just because cannabidiol is safe for use by children, that doesn’t mean that you should be giving them the same product that you take yourself.

Luckily, Thought Cloud has covered all the bases with their line of CBD Oils for Low Weight Persons, which is just another way of saying “for kids”.

CBD Oil for Kids from ThoughtCloud

I don’t have any children myself (well, at least that I know of), but judging by the reviews that customers have left on this product on their website (which I’ll get into later), it sounds like this line of CBD products has been a real winner.

While not all children like to take medicine, it should be much easier for them to stomach since it comes in a grape flavor! It’d be like giving them some candy.

You can get this product in the following strengths:

  • 350 mg ($39.99)
  • 700 mg ($72.99)
  • 1400 mg ($127.00)

Each bottle is 15 ml (0.5 fluid ounces) and should last for around 300 drops.

Depending on your usage, that should last you a few months.


All CBD products at Thought Cloud are non-GMO, 100% organic, raw hemp cultivated on their farms in Colorado. Every batch is tested in a lab for purity and potency. Each bottle contains:

  • Cold pressed refined coconut oil
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Natural Grape Extract

Reviews from Customers

Not having tried this product myself, as there are no children in my household, I have to rely on what other users have said on TC’s website. If it is anything like all the other ThoughtCloud products that I have tried (reviewed here:, I can imagine that they safely and quickly deliver results. Here is what others have said about this product:

  • Started my son on a low dosage, but we can still see the benefits. It really relaxes him and helps him focus.
  • Bought this for one of our children who has trouble sleeping. We noticed a positive change while using CBD that also carries over to mornings at school. Great product.
  • Helped my two 3-year-olds with anxiety!
  • My 13-year-old daughter takes this. She is 105lbs and has been given many RX for ADD, anxiety, and depression. This really does help her stay focused and in a better mood. Less freak out episodes. Win-Win!
  • Loved this blend for my daughter who is 3.5 years old. She can get overstimulated during the day and this winds her down. And during stressful times it settles her nerves and creates calm back into her. It’s so quick too which I can physically see the change in her. Happy customer and will be a long time client for sure.

Where to Buy CBD for Kids

You can find this product available on ThoughtCloud’s official website here. To score some savings, you can enter the coupon code COMIC during the checkout process and get a discount on your order!


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