Thought Cloud Full Spectrum High CBN for Pain and Sleep

ThoughtCloud CBN for sleep

As written in a previous post, there are many uses for hemp oil products, and there is a different compound from the plant you want to serve each purpose.

I wrote earlier about the use of CBG for allergies, and it has provided tremendous benefit for me when it comes to seasonal irritations that I get.

For other purposes, I like to use a CBD pain reliever balm as it helps to provide relief for sore muscles and joints. It is particularly helpful after a hard workout.

But when it comes to helping me sleep, CBN is what you want. I’m not saying the other types listed above won’t bring you better rest, but that is typically because they are in a “full-spectrum” formula that will also contain CBN.

CBN for Sleep and Pain from ThoughtCloud

I wrote earlier about CBN for sleep here, so much of this will be repetition in terms of its benefits, so let’s just get into what this product is all about. CBN is a natural sleep aid that can help cure insomnia issues and help you get better rest. It’s pretty simple, but it works!

What It Contains

Each bottle of this CBN from TC contains the following ingredients:

  • MCT Oil (coconut oil)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)

The MCT oil is used as a carrier fluid. In simple terms, it increases the absorption rate so you feel the effects much faster.

All Thought Cloud products are 100% organic, raw hemp made in their farms in Colorado. Each batch is lab-tested for purity and potency. Nothing but the best here!

You’ll get around 300 drops from this 15 ml bottle. At a drop or two per night before bed, this bottle will last you a long time.

Purchasing Options

You can get this nighttime formula CBN in three strengths, which is dependent on your size and your needs:

  • 550 mg ($65.99)
  • 1100 mg ($105.99)
  • 2200 mg ($208.99)

What Customers Think

I know how well it has helped me get some much-needed rest – especially after my workouts so my muscles can recover – but let’s see what other customers have to say on their site:

  • Love this product. Helps me sleep through the night without waking once.
  • Helping me sleep! I don’t remember when I’ve slept this soundly!
  • Great for falling asleep. Happily surprised at the rapidity of the effect. Thanks!
  • I bought this for my mom who has difficulty sleeping due to chronic pain. She reports this has allowed her to sleep without narcotics, which were affecting her cognitive function. This is truly amazing, and wonderful!
  • I get horrible migraines and anytime one comes on, I take this before bed and wake up fully refreshed without pain. Which is normally hard to do, they’re intense and will last for days! In general, taking this before bed, I always wake up refreshed and restored feeling.

Where to Buy

You can find this, along with all the other ThoughtCloud products I recommend, at their official website here. Plus, exclusive to my readers, enter the coupon code COMIC at checkout and get a discount on your order!


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