Thought Cloud Full Spectrum CBD in Cold Pressed Hemp

full-spectrum cbd in cold-pressed hemp from ThoughtCloud

When you want all of the benefits of the hemp plant, go full-spectrum. Full-spectrum differs from other kinds of CBD, like isolates, in that it contains all of the beneficial plant compounds. It goes through less filtration. With an isolate, you are only getting the CBD – which comes with tremendous benefits in its own right.

But with a full-spectrum product, you are also getting all the terpenes, phytochemicals, and other plant material that has benefit for your body and mind as well. That’s why I love this product from ThoughtCloud.

Full-Spectrum CBD in Cold-Pressed Hemp

When I say this has everything from the plant, I mean everything. This item contains:

  • Hemp Whole Plant Oil (seed and stalk)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)

What sets this apart from the other Full-Spectrum CBD Oil I review here is that the other one also has coconut oil as a carrier fluid. With this one, the coconut oil is switched out with cold-pressed hemp. You are getting hemp oil and nothing but – the purest form and one of the strongest products of its type on the market.

Purchasing Options

This product comes in 4 different strengths and prices, as described below:

  • 500 mg ($32.99)
  • 750 mg ($41.99)
  • 1500 mg ($80.99)
  • 3000 mg ($159.99)

Personally, I like to use the 750 mg. If you require a higher strength, the 1500 or 3000 mg will do you good! In general, if you are just starting out with CBD, I recommend starting with one of the lower two strengths and working your way up if you feel you require a higher dose.

Each bottle is 0.5 fluid ounces (15 ml) and contains around 300 drops.

Reviews From Customers

I love this stuff, and I know I’m not the only one. Here is what some Thought Cloud customers had to say on their website:

  • CBD has been a GAME changer in my battle with Anxiety and Panic.
  • Works great. Used to be a regular user of Ibuprophen / Tylenol. After taking a dose in the am and pm I realized I hadn’t taken any pain meds in over 2 weeks. Will definitely keep on hand and try other other CBD products as well.
  • I suffer from pain and extreme inflammation which has made me not able to practice my yoga as much as I want to…ever since I started using this CBD my inflammation and pain has reduced so much and I am able to get fully back to my yoga!!!!!
  • Wonderful! Noticed an immediate difference in my daily life! Feeling way less anxious!
  • I have used many CBD products in the past and this oil is the best quality you will find. The taste is not bad and goes away quickly. You’ll feel effects right away. Highly recommend!

Shopping at Thought Cloud CBD

You can find this product available for purchase at the official Thought Cloud website here. If you want to read about other types of CBD products they sell, you can check out my full review here to see all the product varieties.

When shopping, use the coupon code COMIC at checkout and get a discount on your order!


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