Thought Cloud Full Spectrum CBD for Pets

CBD oils for pets from ThoughtCloud

CBD isn’t just good for your health, it can also have tremendous benefits for your pets as well.

Just like us, our furry friends suffer from aches and pains as well as stress and anxiety. CBD can work wonders to bring relief to these ailments.

While my top recommendation for pet health when it comes to CBD remains Hemp My Pet, Thought Cloud is my most trusted brand overall and I was delighted to find that they carry a line of oils that are designed specifically for pet use.

CBD for Pets from ThoughtCloud

Here are just a few of the benefits you can get from these amazing oils:

  • Treat immune system issues to bring back a healthy, vibrant lifestyle to your pet
  • Boost the strength of the immune system and other vital organs through detoxification and reduction of oxidative stress
  • Support antioxidant function to remove free radicals and other harmful pollutants that jeopardize pet health
  • Restore homeostasis to baseline levels, ensure a proper metabolism

These oils are made with organic cannabinoids that are potent and pure, and of high enough quality that they are safe for human consumption as well. If you wouldn’t take it yourself, why would you give it to your pet?


Each 15 ml bottle contains:

  • Hemp Oil (seed & stalk)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)

Purchasing Options

Their pet oils come in three strengths. The strength you need is dependent on the size of your pet and the severity of their issues.

  • 200 mg ($19.99)
  • 400 mg ($38.99)
  • 800 mg ($76.99)

Regardless of the size of your pet, I would start off with the lowest strength first. Then work your way up to a higher milligram if more power is needed.

Customer Reviews

I’m not the only one who has been giving CBD to their pets. Here is what other customers at ThoughtCloud have said on their website:

  • Works great on my large dog with severe anxiety and fear issues.
  • Perfect for when I have to leave my little dog at home and when we are around kids!
  • I got this product for my elderly cat to reduce pain and inflammation. I don’t believe I’ve used it long enough to write an accurate review for this purpose, but I do notice that she becomes relaxed. Also, I gave a dose to my family’s cat with severe anxiety and she was more calm than I’d ever seen before.
  • My sweet Dohko is able to control his seizures with this oil. I am grateful for ThoughtCloud because I hate seeing him in pain and what better than something natural and organic to help him with epilepsy than drugs that hurt him in differing ways.

Where to Buy CBD for Pets

You can find this available for sale on ThoughtCloud’s website here.

During checkout, enter the coupon code COMIC and get a discount on your order!

To see what other products they offer at TC, you can find an in-depth review in this post:


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