September 24, 2018

The Importance of Gut Health

Gut Health

Most people don’t realize that the key to living healthy starts in the gut. Yep, that thing we talk about that we don’t like, that layer of fat most of us have that continues to bother us no matter how many types of exercises we do to keep it in check.  Did you know that changes in your gut can be a sign of things happening in your body?  Today I’ll dive into that and drop some knowledge.

Why Your Gut Health Matters

Our gut features trillions of bacteria designed to keep us healthy.  The bad thing about this bacteria is it can be messed with and unbalanced, which leads to problems.  This is where you need to stat looking long and hard at probiotic supplements.  Read more about them on that link, but know that if you aren’t supplementing with probiotics, you are missing out on some of the “good bacteria” that is found in supplements as well as naturally in foods.  When you re-up your levels of good bacteria, you help defeat some of the bad bacteria by flushing them out of the gut.

If you are healthy, probiotics may not have as much impact when compared to someone who isn’t of supreme healthy standing.  Some people swear by them, while others have to use them for conditions like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).  Other people, including this Irish Science journal, suggest that they don’t work for everybody and are not necessary.

Note:  I’m on month two of probiotics for weight loss.  (Not to be confused with over the counter diet pills.)  I’m indifferent as to the results so far.  I’m not seeing any weight loss, but I’m much more regular and do believe my gut heath is in better standing.


Eating raw & organic foods is step one to having a healthy gut.

Gut health has an impact on your physical health, and there are not studies going on to see how gut health has an impact on mental health.  As those become published, I’ll definitely be making updates and keeping you posted as to the results.

How to Care for Your Gut

For now, you can do a few simple things.  Think long and hard before you eat anything that could be deemed unhealthy.  Processed foods are a definite no-no, while organic is always a good way to go.

For me, I like to think of it this way.  When I shop around the grocery store, I keep my shopping cart near the perimeter of the store.  Everything on the inside is processed and will definitely have a negative impact on my gut health.

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