The Healthiest Fruits on the Planet


You probably already know that fruits provide a bunch of unique health benefits that help you live a healthier life. But you may have noticed how sometimes a personal trainer may have pushed you into choosing specific fruits to add to your diet, instead of making you eat any fruit you like. Do you know why?

Because not all fruits are equal.

While fruits are generally beneficial to health, some of them have unhealthy amounts of sugar. This is why your personal trainer keeps pushing you to add more grapefruit to your diet, and stay away from sugary fruits like Mango.

But since there are a vast number of fruits out there that provide unique health benefits, you can’t always tell which ones are the healthiest. To help shorten the choices, we have listed down some of the healthiest fruits on the planet. These are guaranteed to add nothing but positivity in your life.

Which Fruits are Best for Your Diet?

Which Fruits are Best for Your Diet?


Let’s just start off with the mighty grapefruit. The high and mighty fruit provides not only vitamins and minerals, but also helps in controlling your insulin resistance.

With reduced insulin levels and insulin resistance, a chain reaction of health benefits take place in your body.



There is a reason Avocado is one of the top choices when it comes to salads. The fruit is actually quite different from most other fruits. It has low carbs that are mainly made out of healthy fats. The majority of fat inside the Avocado is oleic acid which is a fat that is known to reduce inflammation in the body, and add to better heart health.


Additionally, Avocados are pump full of fiber, magnesium, and potassium, adding another layer of many health benefits.


Ah yes, Apples! You probably have heard the saying ‘an apple a day can keep the doctor away’.

Apples are loaded with nutritional benefits that provide you nothing but health benefits that indeed keeps you away from the doctor.

Vitamin K, Vitamin C, potassium, high amount of fiber, and some B vitamins are just few of the key nutrients present inside the Apple. These important nutrients contribute to many health factors of the body, hence making Apple one of the most nutritionally beneficial fruits out there.


Being another salad favorite, Olives provide a good amount of vitamin E, copper, iron, and calcium. They are also known to have a lot of antioxidants which help in preventing liver damage and certain heart diseases.

Olives also have anti-inflammatory effects that make them a perfect addition to salads.


Personally, I get enough olives in my martini consumption, but that’s a story you can read about over here.

What are your favorite ways to get olives into your diet?

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