January 24, 2019

Terrell Davis Says CBD Would Have Extended His Career

Terrell Davis believes CBD would have extended his career

Though I frequently visit the gym, I still consider myself just a regular guy and by no means am I an elite athlete. I have found that CBD has been a tremendous help in alleviating pain and soreness after a tough workout. Like me, tons of ordinary people are using cannabidiol for relief from whatever aches they have, whether mentally, physically, or emotionally.

However, it wasn’t until I came across this article on TMZ.com today that it hit me that the use of CBD would be extremely beneficial for athletes. In their celebrity update, TMZ quotes former star NFL running back Terrell Davis (a Super Bowl champion with the Denver Broncos and one of the best running backs of his era) as saying that if CBD was around during his playing days, he would have had a much longer career.

Can CBD Help Athletes?

It all makes sense. Athletes, especially football players, put through their bodies through grueling activity that just leaves them banged up afterward. I’m sure the team physician, with all of their painkillers, is one of the most popular guys on an NFL sideline and locker room. CBD could work so well in this area. Rather than possibly getting hooked on addictive painkillers, hemp oil would make an amazing substitute.

Because hemp oil can reduce pain and inflammation, it could quicken the recovery and healing process of the body and get athletes to feeling back to normal much sooner. All athletes, especially those in the NFL, are always playing through pain. If that pain could be minimized or at least managed a little bit better with CBD products, it could certainly help them perform better and lengthen their career. A product like this CBD pain balm from Thought Cloud instantly comes to mind.

Could CBD lead to longer careers for athletes?

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Terrell Davis and His CBD Use

Davis had a shortened career after a knee injury. It limited him to only playing 17 games over his final 3 seasons. He ultimately had to retire at a relatively young age of 29. He was on pace for one of the most accomplished careers of any running back in history, and who knows what kind of statistics he would have put up over a longer career.

The running back says he believes that CBD could have added more productivity and longevity to his career. He points to a natural aid for getting rid of swelling, inflammation, and pain would have assisted his health. He has first-hand knowledge of this, as he is an avid user of this alternative medicine these days. The injuries from football endure well past their playing days, and he lives in pain but gets relief through the use of CBD to make his days easier. He calls the effect that it has on his body “incredible.”

He is such a big fan of the drug that he is actually launching his own brand. It will be coming out later this spring and will be called Defy. As a big fan of his, and of CBD, I definitely plan on checking it out once it is available. When that time comes, check back on my best CBD oil reviews here to see how it stacks up the rest!

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