November 29, 2018

Superior Labs Test Worx Review

Test Worx testosterone booster

Regarding the market for testosterone boosters, there are contenders and there are pretenders. I’ve tried a lot of these myself and can tell you which is which. Most of the time, I can just look at the ingredients label and tell you the answer.

In regards to Superior Labs Test Worx (available here), while it has a decent formula, it is lacking in some key ingredients. In addition, the ingredients that it does have, I feel the dosages are too low to really be considered among the “best” t-boosters out there. Continue reading below for my full analysis.

Test Worx Review


With any supplement, the first thing that I look at is the ingredients. After all, it is only as effective as what is in the formula.

Overall, I think the formula in this supplement is lacking. I do like that it contains zinc (which I talk about here), though it is in too far low of a dosage (20 mg) to be meaningful.

More than what it is in it, where this supplement falls short is what is not in it. Some of the most effective active ingredients you should look for in a t-booster are absent. There is no D-Aspartic Acid, nor Magnesium, nor Vitamin D3. 

I have written more about these ingredients, and why they are crucial for a testosterone boosting supplement, in the following posts below:

On the plus side, it does have some solid ingredients that I do see in other t-boosters. One of them is Eurycoma Longifolia, otherwise known as Tongkat Ali. This Asian herb has been shown to stimulate testosterone production and increase blood flow, leading to better sexual function.

This formula is heavy on Vitamin B’s, which I talk about here. This vitamin helps balance the levels of hormones in your body by promoting testosterone and suppressing estrogen.

It also contains L-Arginine, which can help burn fat and increase your musculature. It also strengthens your immune system and helps remove toxins from the body by providing kidney support.

what are the benefits of Test Worx?

What I Like About Test Worx

  • All the ingredients are natural, making this a totally safe product to use.
  • There are a ton of positive reviews on Amazon, so maybe I am a bit off on what needs to be in a testosterone boosting formula. Perhaps some further analysis is required. At the time of this writing, there are over 5,800 customer reviews and a 4.3 out of 5-star rating.

What I Don’t Like About Test Worx

  • The ingredients list is lacking some powerful active ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, and Vitamin D3.
  • Price – nearly twice as expensive for a 30-day supply relative to other options.

How to Use Test Worx

Superior Labs recommends a 6-week cycle of this product. Take 2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach for 5 days, then take 2 days off. Repeat this cycle for 6 weeks. After that, take one week off, then restart the cycle again.

Where to Buy

This product is available on here and is “Amazon’s Choice” for testosterone boosters. Perhaps my line of thinking is off and there’s more to this than meets the eye. If you want to take a look at more details, you can find the full product listing at the link below.

Other Testosterone Boosters

For reviews of all t-boosters on this site, visit this page here. If you want the best ones available, I highly recommend taking a look at Testogen, Prime Male, and TestoFuel, all of which can be found on that page.


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