October 15, 2018

Super Strength Saw Palmetto Review

Dr. Martin's Super Strength Saw Palmetto Review

I dread the days when my bladder health goes south. That’s why I take preventative measures so that those days are far away, or never happen at all. How do I do that? By supplementing with saw palmetto. Forget prescription drugs. Go with an herbal remedy and never look back.

Having seen my old man suffering from urinary incontinence, I know it’s something that I never want to have to deal with. All that waking up in the middle of the night to pee. Poor guy couldn’t get a good night of sleep if his life depended on it. After trying to control it with some medication from his physician, to no avail, he began taking this herb and has had a lot of relief from his bladder issues.

Dr. Martin’s Saw Palmetto Review

Getting old sucks. I’m not old, but I’m definitely not young either. I like to take as good of care of myself as I can now as a preventative measure to help ward off some of the inevitabilities that come with getting old. After hearing about the relief that my dad has been getting with saw palmetto, I added this supplement to my routine as well. Can never be too careful, right?

What I’m Getting With This Supplement

  • Improved urinary health
  • Better prostate health
  • Fights hair loss (not an issue for me – yet! – but hoping to keep it at bay)
  • Natural, organic ingredients
  • Raised testosterone levels
Dr. Martin's Super Strength Saw Palmetto Review

As for me at my age, that last one is key for me. Being a health nut, this is one of the benefits of saw palmetto that I love the most. I hit the gym hard. Having a raised testosterone gives me more energy for my workouts and helps me build muscle.

Aside from that, I love how it is helping me age more gracefully. If you’re a bit older than I am, these are the kinds of benefits that can do you a world of good right now. Prostate cancer and urinary issues are a huge problem for men as they age, and saw palmetto has many properties that help improve your health in these areas.

By blocking the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase in your body, it helps prevent the breakdown of testosterone that leads to many urinary, prostate, and hair loss issues that plague men. Considering that saw palmetto is an herb that you don’t use in the kitchen as other spices, taking this as a supplement is a surefire way to get this into your system and reap all the benefits.

What Dad Says

When I asked my dad to sum up his experience with this saw palmetto extract, he had one comment.

In his words, he was peeing “like a river runs through it.”

Do you see where I get my sense of humor now? The old man never lets me down with his quips.

If you’re looking to add this to your dietary routine, you can get the best price on Amazon. For even further results, I love combining it with TestoGen, my favorite t-booster, as well as these foods for testosterone.

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