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Jellly Beans with CBD from Spectrum Confections

You can find CBD in all kinds of forms these days – oil tinctures, pills, capsules, vapes, sprays, topical skin products, and of course, edibles.

However, there was a distinct lack of one kind of edible when it comes to the CBD market. Any brand that sells CBD-infused edible products almost always features gummies. It is by far the most popular type and is so easy to eat, as well as delicious. Outside of that, you’ll see cookies, coffees, teas, and in some cases peanut butter (like at Hemp Health Inc.).

What’s missing? Jelly beans!

Spectrum Confections Review

To fill that void in the market, an industry pioneer stepped up to the plate. Enter candy-maker David Klein, who was the inventor of the popular Jelly Belly jelly bean, which has become world famous and pretty much synonymous with that category of candy.

Although he sold Jelly Belly back in 1980, he has still stayed active in the confectionary world and had an itch to get some new products on the market. After learning more about cannabidiol products and the benefits they provide, as well as the huge demand for such products these days, Klein asked himself “Is anybody doing a jelly bean with CBD?”

If there is another brand out there that sells CBD jelly beans, I haven’t heard of them yet. And who better to introduce this product to the market than the man who brought us Jelly Belly? It’s a match made in heaven. You know that the jelly beans themselves are going to be delicious – you could say that he has that part of the business nailed – and assuming that he has put together the right team for the cultivation, extraction, and processing of the CBD, this could be a big business.

Spectrum Confections CBD Jelly Beans

Spectrum Confections is available in three flavor varieties:

  • Spectrum Original Jelly Beans
  • Spectrum Sugar-Free Jelly Beans
  • Spectrum Sour Jelly Beans

Each bean contains 10mg of CBD, which is quite a bit in such a small bite! And considering how good they taste, it can be very easy to overindulge on them. However, taking too much CBD is not a danger, fortunately. So go ahead and indulge yourself! But, it may be cost-ineffective – you want to save those for medicinal purposes, right?

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in trying these out, you can find these products available at spectrumconfections.com, however, demand is so high that they are currently sold out (at the time of this writing)! There will be more back in stock soon, and they are also working on setting up vendor relationships to get these yummy edibles in stores near you.

Other Favorite CBD Edibles

Taking your cannabidiol doesn’t have to be a chore – there are many tasty ways to take it! If you are interested in some of my favorites, I highly recommend you take a look at the Green Roads CBD Edibles I review, as well as the Every Day Optimal Gummies here. Both are great choices, infused with potent CBD and taste delicious!

Given that Spectrum Confections is out of stock at the moment (with no timetable on when they’ll have them again), if you want your fix now, click below to start shopping for some of my favorites!

Edible CBD from GreenRoads

Click here to check out the edibles at Green Roads World — they have all sorts of gummy bears, fruits bites, “relief toads”, “sleepy Z’s”, sour froggies, etc. If you want to get a variety of all, they also offer a Sweet Tooth Bundle to satisfy your cravings.

You can get a ton of edibles at Discover CBD here. They are a CBD retailer that carries a number of different top brands, so they certainly have a huge catalog. While you came here for info on jelly beans, they have a lot of other edible products that you can’t get anywhere else. Choose from gummies, tea, coffee, butter, honey sticks, chocolate, water, syrup, mints, candy bars, and more!

edibles from Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is another brand with tons of edibles. Just like at DiscoverCBD above, they have a large catalog that contains products that nobody else has. They have 0ver 200 different edible products in total! You can find a robust selection of gummies, of course, but they also offer unique products like cake pops and popcorn!

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