Snake River Farms Review

Snake River Farms Beef is one of the best companies in America producing high quality pork and beef in affordable prices. The company was formed in 1968 by Robert Rebholtz Sr. During the time of its inception, it was a small feeding and ranching company but gradually grew up by adding beef processing, marketing, sales and animal nutrition to the mix.

As a carnivore who has moved into more of a plant based diet, I still splurge on meat.  And when I do, this is where I buy my goods.

Why I Buy Snake River Farms Beef

Ultimately, Snake River Farms Beef became the excellent source of pork and beef company we know today. Their secret is simple, raising animals as humanely as possible while taking care of their well-being throughout the process.

To ensure that they stay unique from the rest of the competition, Snake River Farms have incorporated many different strategies, one of which is recourse sustainability. This allows them to promote healthy range lands through the rational grazing program. They also use locally sourced cattle feed which is available no further from 150 miles away from the feeding location. The company also recycle their cattle waste which ultimately is used as rich fertilizers for many farmers in the area.

As far as the quality of beef is concerned, Snake River Farms Beef has incorporated their total commitment to quality satisfaction by making sure that they only raise top of the line safe and healthy animals to raise. Each of the animal in their cattle farm has food safety certificates from organizations like United States Department of Agriculture and Global Food Safety Initiative.

Snake Rivers Farms Beef are also known throughout the country for being committed to animal well being. For this they ensure that every single employee in the company is well trained in handling their animals by using complex handling techniques that causes minimal stress on animals.

The animals at the farm are also checked daily for their health and well being by trained staff. The animals are kept in large spaces that give them huge room to move about and take part in natural behaviors. All animals in the farm are fed two times a day and are given fresh water to drink throughout the day.

At Snake River Farms Beef, you can find a wide variety of meat products such as the American Wagyu Beef, Kurobuta Pork, Northwest Beef, and BBQ items like backyard BBQ, competitive BBQ and more.

If you have a keen eye for quality and taste, there is no denying that Snake Rivers Farms Beef is the place where you should be getting your meat.

Recipes at Snake River Farms


One of my favorite parts about this company is their video tutorials.

I’m currently weathering a tropical storm, but when it’s over, I’m going to post some pics of the food I’ve bought here.  Please stand by while I update this page!