December 13, 2018

Simple Way to Eat Healthier

simple way to eat healthier

Time magazine is one of my favorite publications, and as I was perusing their online articles today I came across one that was of particular interest to me, considering my passion for health and wellness (which lead to the creation of this site). It talks about simple ways that you can eat healthier. Who wouldn’t want that? We all know that it is important to eat healthy to keep our bodies working and looking their best, but it is so easy today to eat unhealthy foods out of convenience.

It talks about how we are drinking less soda than we used to, which is a step in the right direction, but in general, there really hasn’t been any improvement in the American diet in quite a while. We are still consuming too many red meats, proteins, and refined grains. On top of that, a lot of the diet fads are pushing for anti-grain and low carbs, but that is depriving us of healthy fiber sources. So what do they suggest we do to eat healthier?

Easy Way to Eat Healthier

The biggest culprit in having in a bad diet these days is convenience. There are just so many things pulling us in each direction in our lives like careers, family, and a social life, that often we make unhealthy food choices out of convenience. We simply don’t have the time to make a proper grocery list and make a healthy meal at home. Restaurants are so abundant and there are tons of food delivery options these days. Unfortunately, by not getting healthy home-cooked meals, we’re often consuming way too much salt and other unhealthy additives.

What to Do Instead

The article goes on to suggest that we make a commitment to home-cooked meals. I say commitment because it means making the time to do grocery shopping and prepare a meal at home.

It may mean cutting a little bit of time from socializing or sitting in front of the television, but the benefits are worth it.

eat healthier with home-cooked meals

By making meals from scratch at home, you have complete control of what you’re putting in your body.

While it is hard to eat healthy when you go outside the house, on the flip side it is tough to eat unhealthy if you are preparing meals at home with whole food ingredients. It is stated in the article that most of the problems in our diet are that we don’t consume enough “real foods”, rather we consume a lot of processed and packaged foods.

Another advantage beyond the health benefits – you’ll save money! Think of what it costs for an average night out at a restaurant. The prices are marked up and you’ll be paying gratuity on top of that. The price of preparing a meal at home has declined over the years, and you can save even more money by being a smart shopper.

One more tip – plan ahead. Prepare multiple meals at once and have them ready for the next few days to heat up for a quick meal. Maybe set aside your Sundays to meal plan and prep for the week as best as you can, freeing up more time during the week for other necessities in life.

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