August 30, 2018

Shortcut to Size Review

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Have you ever tried to gain muscle size but have often reached a point where no matter what you do, the size doesn’t come. This is a common problem around 80% of bodybuilders face and most of the people who lack good knowledge in exercise fail to produce results when they reach this stage.  While I’m not a bodybuilder, I decided to give a workout program called Shortcut to Size a solid chance.  Today, I share with you my review.

Does Shortcut To Size Get Results?

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With sheer disappointment after doing hard workouts everyday, people tend to lose interest and give up completely. If you fit this picture perfectly, perhaps you too are doing everything wrong which is causing your body to stop growing.  I for one am someone who needs the structured plans in my workout, because I always seem to be casually exercising without a plan if I don’t have an exact game plan mapped out.

Before you give up on building muscle, I recommend trying out the Jim Stoppani workout program which is specifically built for people who have reached this hard stage in their quest to gain size. The program is developed by none other than Dr. Jim Stoppani, who is known in the bodybuilding world as one of the best trainers out there.

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Jim Stoppani has a PhD in exercise science which means that he knows everything about workout and diet and has immense knowledge in how to create an environment where your body grows.

This is the perfect workout routine for anyone to follow at home. This program is specifically designed to help you add muscle to your body as fast as possible, thus it is recommended to people who have been working out already and are looking for that extra edge.

The workout uses a unique exercise variance nature that makes you perform sets of exercises until you fail. It starts with more reps in the first few weeks and then lets you reduce the reps but increases the set. You are expected to perform sets of any given exercise until you cannot lift anymore.

This workout routine is designed for about 12 weeks which is enough time to add good muscle to your body if you are following a good diet, and perhaps some weight loss supplementation, along with adding a lot of protein to your life.

Another great thing about this routine is that it never lets you perform the same exercise over and over again. By the end of the 12th week, you will have performed so many different exercises that you’ll have it really hard to remember which ones you did throughout the program.  In my experience, I didn’t find that it got stale or just flamed out on me.  I was constantly changing up the exercise plan to the point where I was always thirsting for more.

I am compiling my before and after pics, and when I get them touched up and “web ready,” I’ll go ahead and post them.  For now, I wanted to share with you my review and tell you that hey, I just don’t joke about health, I actually practice healthy living from time to time.

For now, be sure to check out the program here:  Buy at

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T.J. LaPanta is a Florida based aspiring comedian and health nut.
When he's not trying to hack his way through a post-graduate degree, he's slaving away in the kitchen, working out, or trying to score a date.

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