October 15, 2018

Seagate Products Lemon Caps Review

Having previously written about the health benefits of lemons, how about I give you some ways to get more lemon in your diet? It’s not like you’re just going to pick up a lemon, peel it like an orange and start eating it, right? So with that said, there has to be a better way.

Seagate Lemon Capsules Review

One way to get more of the vitamins and fiber from lemons is to use a lemon supplement. I can’t say that I’ve tried a ton of them (I mean, seriously, who is well-versed in lemon capsules, of all things?) but my favorite is the Lemon Caps from Seagate Products.

With these, I know I’m getting the real deal as they are 100% freeze-dried lemons from Baja California. No additives, no artificial ingredients, no fluff, just simply lemon in capsule form. I’ve been buying this 100-capsule bottle off of Amazon and take one or two caps per day, so it lasts me up to a few months at a very affordable price.

What I Like About These Lemon Caps

  • 100% pure
  • Low price
  • Made from the entire lemon
  • No pulp, chemicals, or fillers
  • Easy to ingest

I added that last bullet point because there are so many benefits to the seeds and peel of a lemon. You don’t get those benefits just by squeezing some lemon juice onto your favorite dish or in your water. Much of the fiber content is contained in these parts of the fruit, so you’re missing out on those health benefits if you neglect to consume these parts.

Benefits of Lemon

I talk a lot about this in the post I linked to at the beginning of this review, but it’s worth mentioning again here. Lemons are absolutely packed with vitamin c, which has tremendous value to your body. It can help ward off illness, whether it be the common cold or flu. It even has shown promise to help protect you against cancer and heart disease.

In addition to that, lemons are very powerful in improving digestive health. They’re also great for the urinary tract. Many of the users of a supplement like this are using it for just this purpose, whether it be the fiber content to make them more “regular” in the bathroom, or even to alleviate the pain (or prevention) of kidney stones. Luckily, I suffer from neither of those – but maybe that’s because of the lemon caps I’ve been taking?

Lemon Capsule Supplements from Seagate Products

Of course, you might think that you can just cut up some lemons and put them in your water. But, really, how motivated are you to do that? And no, you can’t just have a lemon shandy type of beer and call it a day, either. These caps, for just a handful of bucks a month, take all that effort out. As mentioned above, they also give you the benefits of the whole lemon for your health. No-brainer decision for me to add these capsules to my daily routine and my health has been thanking me for it ever since.

The Best Lemon Supplement on Amazon:

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