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As I tend to say at the beginning of every one of my CBD brand reviews (which you can find a collection of here:, I’m looking for brands that are in this industry for the right reasons. Cannabidiol has become an absolutely massive industry in a short time. It was the hottest trend of 2018 and is poised to skyrocket even higher in the coming years.

With this craze about CBD products, there are a lot of new brands entering the market, just trying to cash in on the latest trend. I want a brand that is doing this for a purpose, for serving their customers with high-quality health and wellness products. I don’t want just a fly-by-night brand that is looking to make a buck with fancy marketing and inferior products.

Why Shop at Receptra Naturals?

With that being said above, in my Receptra Naturals review that follows, you’ll find that this brand is on the level. They are in it for the right reasons, making high-quality products that are pure and potent and can do a great deal of good for your body and mind.

All of their products are made from pure hemp oil that is extracted from premium hemp flowers that are cultivated on their family farms in Colorado. They follow organic practices that enable them to produce pure CBD oil, which is verified by third-party testing. You can visit their website and find the lab results of every batch that goes through their production line. They believe in 100% transparency on the quality of their products. Lab test reports is an absolute must for me when choosing any CBD brand.

All of the CBD oil extraction at Receptra Naturals is done in a fully-licensed extraction facility. Along each step of the process, they have expert lab technicians guiding the process to ensure that everything is done in a safe and contaminant free environment, which produces the purest possible end product. From the beginning of the process at the farm to the end result on the shelf, quality control is of utmost importance.

Lastly, they use whole-plant floral extracts from premium hemp flowers. If you want the purest and most potent CBD oil, you need to start with the highest quality plants. These plants ensure that you get a full spectrum of cannabinoids for the full potential of benefits.

With all that said, let’s move this Receptra Naturals review into a deep dive on all their product offerings.

Health and Wellness Extracts

The most popular products at Receptra Naturals are their Health and Wellness Extracts. These are just a different way of saying they are CBD oil tinctures, and they come in two varieties: Prime (22mg per dropper) and Plus (44 mg per dropper), each of which is available in a 15ml, 30ml, or 60ml bottle.

These tinctures are very easy to use. You simply use the dropper (included in the bottle) and place a few drops of oil under your tongue.

Prime and Plus CBD Oils from Receptra Naturals

After letting it rest there for around 30 seconds, you then swallow it down. The benefit of this is that by taking it sublingually, it absorbs into your bloodstream much quicker than if you were to swallow it down and send it directly to your stomach.

These are great for beginners in the use of CBD, as well as provides so many benefits to any level of user who is looking for improvements to their health and wellness.

Active Lifestyle Extracts

These are another form of their CBD oil tinctures, though they are formulated for different purposes. These Active Lifestyle Hemp CBD Oils from Receptra Naturals are designed for optimal mental and physical performance.

They contain a proprietary blend of recovery enhancing and performance boosting ingredients that will keep you focused and energized through the day.

Active Lifestyle CBD Oils from Receptra Naturals

You can get these in three different concentrations: Active (15mg per dropper), Elite (30mg per dropper), and Pro (60mg per dropper), each of which is available in a 15ml, 30ml, or 60ml bottle.


Just as much benefit as CBD oil can have when taking it orally, it can also provide tremendous benefit when applied topically to the skin. Receptra Naturals harnesses these therapeutic benefits with their two topical products which include a Body Butter and a Targeted Topical.

The body butter can be massaged into the skin as part of your skin care routine to restore a youthful glow and radiance. 

CBD topicals from Receptra Naturals

The targeted topical is a natural pain reliever that can help soothe the pain and aches in your muscles and joints.

Pet Products

If you have a pet that is having trouble with mobility, these CBD oils formulated for pet use can be a miracle worker in letting them be a young, sprite pet again that has no trouble getting around. In addition, just like with humans, they can be great for dealing with stress or anxiety.

If you have a pet that gets separation anxiety when you leave the house (and causes destruction while left alone) or gets anxious in public settings, these oils can help lower their stress levels.

Pet CBD products from Receptra Naturals

It is also very good for their digestive tract. They are available in two concentrations: Pet (500mg per 30ml bottle) and Pet Plus (750mg per 30ml bottle).

Lip Balm

This could also go under the topicals section.

As you can guess it is just like a tube of chapstick that is infused with CBD.

In addition to the added cannabidiol, it also contains jojoba oil, shorea butter, and vitamin E oil to revitalize the delicate skin on your lips and leaves them supple, soft, and free of dryness and cracking.

CBD lip balm from Receptra Naturals

Where to Buy Receptra Naturals

High-quality products that are pure and potent, with quality checked all throughout the process (and verified by third-party lab tests), and a wide selection of CBD oils for a diverse range of health and wellness benefits (for human and animal alike) – what more could you ask for?

It’s evident in everything covered in my Receptra Naturals review that this a brand that is worthy of your investment and not just another shop set up to cash in on the boom. You can shop with trust at Receptra Naturals – click below to visit their store!

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