December 11, 2018

Racehorse Tests Positive for CBD

racehorse tests positive for CBD

An article that I found on caught my eye as I’ve been writing about CBD a lot lately. I regularly use hemp oil for a variety of issues, and I also give it to one of my dogs to help her live a pain-free life and just be a dog again.

I wrote here about the use of CBD for pets and it’s a pretty good resource on the different ways that it can be used to better your furry friends’ lives. In that post, I also provide my recommendation for Hemp My Pet as the best CBD for pets.

Given all that I’ve written about the topic lately, it’s no surprise that I was intrigued when I read the headline in the article linked above.

CBD for Equines

So here is what happened, according to the article from Kentucky. During routine testing of racehorses for an upcoming race, racing regulators may have discovered the presence of CBD in one of the horses. While there can be many benefits of CBD for animals, such as pain relief and reducing feelings of anxiety and restlessness, it is a banned substance in the eyes of the racing world.

While it can be useful for horses in general, it can be a big problem for racehorses. I wish the article went more in-depth on what is meant by that, but details on the issue are sorely lacking. As quoted by one official, “There can be big consequences for racehorses.”

They have not yet officially labeled the test result as a “positive” yet, by there will be a hearing in the near future between the trainer of the horse and racing stewards. They have not publicly identified the trainer nor the horse.

The commission that governs this racing jurisdiction is planning on having a meeting in the coming weeks to determine specific penalties for CBD use in racehorses. 

It will also set punishments for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) as well as cardarine (a doping agent that is used for performance enhancement, much like a steroid in humans). Penalties could include a forfeiture of winnings (purse), suspension for the trainer, and fines.

While many cite the benefits to animals in terms of pain relief and calming effects, one official in the article is quoted as saying they “are all things we don’t want impacting a horse’s racing performance” and would be problematic.

My Thoughts

I will leave it up to the experts on this one, but my admittedly novice opinion is that this shouldn’t be an issue. It is not a performance-enhancing drug. It can have a calming effect on the horse, which is an advantage that all participating horses could use. Getting into the gate is stressful and anxiety-inducing, it may lead to fewer issues getting horses to the start of the race. Plus, if it reduces pain, what is the issue with that?

Again, I speak to this from a very uninformed stance on all things related to horse racing, so perhaps someone with a little more insight can chime in with a comment to this post. I’m all ears to understand this issue better!

Racehorse Tests Positive for CBD
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