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Not only is CBD wonderful for the health and wellness of us, but it can also provide tremendous benefits to our furry friends. While many CBD brands that I review here offer pet products in their catalog, it is not their main focus.

Some brands, such as Purity Petibles, dedicate themselves solely to making CBD products that are specifically designed for pet use. With this specialization for pets, you know that you are getting a formula that is perfected and catered exactly to their needs, and not just an ancillary product to their catalog like other big brands.

While there are other brands that are pet-centric, what makes this one stand out? I’ll go into detail in my full Purity Petibles review below.

CBD for pets from Purity Petibles

Why Buy Purity Petibles CBD for Your Pet?

First, let’s take a step back and describe what kinds of benefits your pet can derive from the use of this kind of alternative medicine. As told on the Purity Petibles website, there are many compounds in hemp that have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation, help with seizures, boost appetite, give a sense of overall wellness, and much more.

If you have a pet that is in pain due to old age, chronic issues, or injury, CBD can help them have a more pain-free and mobile life. If your pet gets anxiety (especially separation anxiety when you leave the house, or worries when they are in public or crowded places), giving them some CBD can help calm their nerves and more comfortable in their environment.

Purity Petibles CBD products satisfy all of these various needs with their products that contain full spectrum hemp CBD oil grown in the USA. All crops are non-GMO and are cultivated through organic farming practices.

Purity Petibles started as a labor of love by their team members. The company president was having an awful experience with his aging German Shepherd, who had developed benign fatty tumors. He had worked with veterinarians and gone through multiple surgeries but could not solve his dog’s discomfort. He was no longer a playful, joyful dog. That’s when he began giving his dog a CBD tincture (after using it himself for inflammation) and saw an immediate change – he was more playful, slept better, and ate better.

This is just one of many stories that they share in the “About Us” section of their website. It is clear that Purity Petibles is run by a team of pet owners who are dedicated to ensuring that their pets (and their customers’ pets) get the best nutrition, affection, and care possible so they can lead a happy and healthy life.


There is a wide variety of CBD pet products at Purity Petibles, so if you have a pet that is finicky with one type or another, you have options. You can find the following when you shop at their website:

  • Hemp Pet Treats – 150 mg
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Pet CBD Tincture – 300 mg, 600 mg, and 900 mg
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Pet CBD High Dose Syringe – 1000 mg

For me, I am very fortunate to have a dog that is very accommodating for any kind of care or maintenance and won’t say no to any kind of treat. She absolutely loves the pet treats from Purity Petibles!

If the treats don’t work, you can also use the oil tincture. This can be used by squirting it under their tongue, as well as adding it to their food or water.


I’m not the only satisfied pet owner who has shopped here – check out what other customers have to say in their Purity Petibles review on their website:

  • Just 2 treats help my beloved pitbull during thunderstorms and fireworks. She doesn’t shake, pant or pace during these times when she has her Petibles.
  • My little rabbit dachshund was partially paralyzed in her rear legs. I began giving her the CBD oil and within 2 days, she was standing on all four legs to eat. Prior to that, her legs would be splayed out to the sides. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
  • My cat has been having insane seizures. The vets couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him just told us to seek out a neurologist. Since the 2nd day we started him on this treats he hasn’t had a seizure. He’s jumping and moving around like a normal cat. It’s amazing!
  • My pit Maralyn has been on this for 8 months and had dramatically improved. Despite having renal disease, bilateral hip dysplasia, and bilateral torn cruciate ligaments, SHES A BRAND NEW DOG…
  • My dog (13 y.o. min poodle) was already doing well on a hemp product, but with the growing number of manufacturers and products out there I wanted to be assured of the quality. I did a lot of online research liked the quality and reviews of Purity Petibles. The cost is within line, if not a bit cheaper, than some other manufacturers. My dog has been doing great – the other day he was running around like a puppy – I was like, “who is this dog”?

Final Thoughts

Purity Petibles was started as a labor of love by pet owners who just wanted health and wellness for their furry friends. When looking for a CBD brand that is pet-centric, I want to see that kind of affection and not just someone who is cashing in on the CBD boom. While other bigger brands have pet products in their catalog, I feel the need to go with a brand that is dedicated solely to pet health. It just seems like their head and their heart are in the right place when it comes to products like this. I want that kind of assurance when taking care of my pet’s livelihood. I highly recommend checking them out!

For other brands of CBD pet products, I provide recommendations in this post here – there are a lot of good options!

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