Protect Your Skin This Winter With CBD

protect your skin with CBD products

CBD has become all the rage in the last year or so, and that trend is likely to grow in the coming years. It has become so popular and has gained much widespread use due to word of mouth, and the new Farm Bill is only going to make cultivation of this crop even more widespread in the near future.

People have been using it for all sorts of health issues, which I provide detail on in this post here ( Whether it be to manage pain better, reduce the severity and frequency of seizures, cope with stress and anxiety, sleep better, lift your mood, or other reasons, it has truly become a wonder drug that has taken the U.S. by storm.

Know what else it can do for you? Protect your skin! This winter, instead of lathering on that store-brand moisturizer you pick up at your local pharmacy, perhaps you should try this alternative instead.

CBD Skin Care for Winter Protection

Wintertime has officially hit us (I know, the actual date isn’t until later this month, but I’m just talking about the weather – it definitely feels like winter out there), and with that comes more dry air that takes a toll on your skin.

I notice it to some extent down here in Florida where I live, but it is particularly noticeable when you visit a real winter climate.

skin care with CBD

I have visited family in the upper Midwest and within hours of arriving the skin on my forehead just begins to dry out and crack. It’s inevitable.

While a regular moisturizer can provide some temporary relief, many have found the power of CBD to ensure long-lasting moisture protection for their skin. CBD, along with all the other phytonutrients like terpenes that come in full spectrum hemp products, can restore moisture to the skin as well as form a barrier to lock hydration in. It has become a bit of a trend lately, with one doctor at last year’s annual meeting of the Academy of Dermatology touting it as the “new cosmeceutical ingredient”.

Where to Buy

With the decriminalization of marijuana in many states, as well as the new regulations set out by 2018’s Farm Bill, there is no shortage of vendors to buy CBD skin care products from. The floodgates have truly been opened for this ingredient to make an even bigger impact on the health and wellness industries for years to come. Even Sephora has gotten into the game with their own products of this type.

I have reviewed a number of CBD brands on this site where you can buy products of all sorts, including topical products to apply to the skin for moisturizing effect. Of particular note, I would recommend taking a look at CBDistillery and their topical product called CBDefine Skin Care Cream. Made with 500mg of pure CBD, it can be a great addition to any skin care routine to combat a wide variety of skin issues.

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