ProLab Caffeine Tablets Review

When you think of caffeine, you think of getting all amped up after a cup of coffee or having an energy drink. But did you know that caffeine has become one of the most popular supplements to lose weight these days? It’s true! Not only do supplements like these give you the energy to get through your workouts (or just through the day), but they also are tremendous for fat burning.

There are a lot of options on the market when it comes to caffeine pills, so I decided to do a deep dive on the best-sellers to find out what are the best choices for this kind of product. In my full review below, I take a look at ProLab Caffeine Tablets (available here).

ProLab Caffeine Diet Pill Review

This product is first and foremost marketed as an energy supplement, which is the main purpose of taking caffeine. When consumed, these tablets (as I describe here) will give you a jolt of energy, an improved focus, heightened alertness, and less fatigue. If you’re too busy to stop for a cup of coffee or on-the-go and need something quick, popping one of these tablets is exactly what you need.

On top of that, it accomplishes all of the above without sacrificing your dietary goals. These pills contain zero added sugars and calories and deliver you 200 mg of caffeine to increase your mental and physical performance. What I like the most about these is I don’t get jittery or anxious as I do after having a strong cup of coffee or an energy drink. It sharpens my mind without any side effects.

How Caffeine Helps With Weight Loss

So everything I said above, about how it gives you energy, is probably information you already knew about caffeine. But did you know it can help you lose weight? It does this through the promotion of thermogenesis in your body. This is a process in which the internal temperature of your body is ramped up, giving your metabolism a kick so that you can burn calories and fat faster.

Think of it like this analogy – your body is like a fireplace or a wood-burning furnace. What happens when you add some more wood to the fire? It gets hotter and starts burning the woodpile faster. That’s exactly what happens when you introduce a supplement that increases thermogenesis in your body. The temp goes up (don’t worry, not like you have a fever) and you burn more calories – even when you’re resting!

What Customers Are Saying

With over 3,700 reviews (as of the time of this writing) and a 4+ star rating on Amazon, you could say that customers are enjoying their experience with this product. Here is what a few of them had to say about it:

  • “This is the best caffeine pill by far. I have used many different kinds and have yet to find one that I like more than this brands. The rush is nice and controlled and lasts a long time, the effect you would get from an extended release drug. But you get that initial jolt of energy without the crash at the end. Love this product, have been using for years and it gives me the same effect.”
  • “This is a great product for someone like me looking to lose a little weight. Other diet pills can run you quite a bit but this one offers the same active ingredient, caffeine, for a fraction of the cost. I wanted something to help suppress my appetite as well as give me a boost of energy for my workouts and this delivers.”

Where to Buy

I found the best price for these caffeine pills here on Amazon. You can get a pack of 100 tablets for a very low price, and even bigger discounts when buying 200 or 300. For the price of a cup of coffee or two, you can replace it with months’ worth of these pills. A great boost of energy plus weight loss benefits? You can’t go wrong.

For information on all different kinds of diet pills, check out my full write-up here.

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