Prime Male Review

Prime Male

Attention: Read This Review before Buying Prime Male Cuts

You might be wondering if Prime Male Cuts really works. Or maybe you’ve convinced yourself that it’s a scam. On the other hand, you might be worried about this formula having lots of side effects and other negative ingredients.

All in all, just know that Prime Male is here to boost your testosterone naturally. They have made a promise to help men get their levels of testosterone to a normal, healthy state. This will help them experience more vitality than ever before and have leaner, cut muscle mass. Or so they claim.

Like many products of this type, Prime Male says it is made with a scientifically proven formula. This formula is supposedly going to help you boost your libido, perform better in the sack, and have even greater strength. But that’s not all, because other supposed benefits include healthier skin, a healthier prostate, better cognitive functioning, stronger bones, and even leveled off blood sugar levels.

This company first opened its doors in 2015 and it’s headquartered in London. On their official website, they do not provide a contact number which is a serious red flag. They have a contact form on the site which is somewhat helpful, but it would be much better if you had a chance to speak with somebody over the phone about your potential questions and concerns.

Finally, we’ve read many reviews on this company and one Google review states that they are a scam. So we sense that there is something fishy about this business so consider buying their health supplements with caution.

Prime Male Cuts Ingredients

On their website, it says that Prime Male is made up of the following ingredients including Nettle root (160mg), Mucuna pruriens (300mg), BioPerine (10mg), Luteolin (60mg), and Asian red ginseng (120mg).

Looking at these ingredients in depth, we’ve learned that BioPerine is basically a form of black pepper extract. It helps with nutrient absorption and you’ll find it in many health products of this type.

Prime Male Cuts Ingredients

Vitamin D3, on the other hand, is also included in the supplement. D3 is all about calcium absorption and it definitely helps skin and bones. We get plenty of D3 in many of the foods that we eat throughout the day – or drink if you drink plenty of milk – so it really doesn’t need to be in this supplement per se.

Nettle root is another one of the ingredients listed on their website. It helps people with prostate problems like BPH and inflammation and can even make urination less painful if you’re suffering from some type of an infection or an enlarged prostate. Unfortunately, some individuals find this ingredient harmful to their systems, so definitely ingest it with caution because it could cause more harm than good.

Vitamin K2 is another one of the ingredients in this supplement. It helps to reduce blood pressure and promote bone strength. You’ll also find Luteolin in Prime Male Cuts and it helps with inflammatory disorders, cancer treatments, and hypertension. Lastly, the Mucuna Pruriens is good for boosting libido, fighting depression, enhancing testosterone levels, and it’s also used as a Parkinson’s disease treatment.

Now, when you look at all of these ingredients added up, there is no actual clinical research and scientific evidence that the supplement will do what they claim it will do. So definitely keep that in mind from here on out.

Does Prime Male Cuts Have Any Side Effects?

Most of you should be very concerned with potential side effects that one could experience while using this product. On their website, they do not mention any side effects per se, but they do mention that this is a health supplement and nothing more. If your doctor has you on specific medication for the problems that ail you, you should continue taking those drugs and you shouldn’t replace them with this supplement.

But here’s the thing…

This supplement does cause certain side effects. We’ve discovered information from customers that have used this product in the past. They’ve suffered from all kinds of things like blood pressure changes, acid reflux issues, headaches, upset stomachs, mood swings, and even diarrhea. So it’s obviously not foolproof and it certainly does have some side effects that we are happy to make you aware of.

Next, the product contains aspartic acid which causes poor liver function, liver inflammation, and elevated liver enzymes. So if you have liver problems of any type, you absolutely must tell your doctor that you’re taking this supplement because it might not be a good fit for you. Ask a medical professional for help and definitely do so if you aren’t feeling well.

The mucuna pruriens is known to cause bloating, insomnia, and vomiting. Plus, the stinging nettles can cause sweating, upset stomach, fluid retention, and diarrhea.

As far as results are concerned, many of the people reviewing the product online said their results varied. One reviewer said the product seemed to work in the beginning. He actually felt stronger during his workouts and had more energy. But then the side effects kicked in and he suddenly had upset stomach and nausea issues all the time. After three months, he did get a 7% increase in testosterone levels but the side effects were just too brutal to continue taking the product for such small results.

Another reviewer said the product didn’t do anything to boost this testosterone levels. But it did make him suffer from nasty bouts of depression. He had to stop using the product after a week because the depression was just too severe. After stopping, his moods stabilized and he no longer felt unnecessarily depressed.

Finally, a third customer said that Prime Male was very difficult to digest and it really gave him a major upset stomach. He started taking the product with food every day to try and alleviate the stomach cramps and pains, but it just seemed to make his stomach issues even worse. After asking for a refund, they unfortunately did not honor their promise and even hit him with a huge international shipping fee. As you can imagine, this reviewer was livid and said the company should be avoided at all costs because they are a total scam!

Where to Buy Prime Male Cuts

If you still intend to buy this product after reading our review, well you might be crazy so you need to see a shrink! Just kidding. But we aren’t the biggest fans of this product as you can probably tell.

So, you can go over to their website and order directly from them or you can get it from chain stores and other prominent websites like Walmart, GNC, and Amazon. 

Prime Male

As far as small health food stores and drugstores are concerned, you’ll never find it in one of the local shops in your community, so don’t even bother looking for it there. Your best bet is to buy it online.

A one-month supply costs $69 and eight dollars for shipping. A two month supply costs $138 and a three month supply is $207. Remember to buy this product at your own risk.

Final Thoughts

We’ve done the research and we’ve determined that Prime Male testosterone booster just isn’t worth it. The little results it delivers aren’t worth the trouble because of all the nasty side effects. You’re much better off going with a more effective and better alternative that we’ll tell you about right now.

An Alternative Choice

Testogen is a much better testosterone booster if that’s a problem that you need to solve. Read the full review here. Believe it or not, many doctors have even spoken highly of this supplement so it definitely has the medical seal of approval that we typically tend to look for. Give this one a try because we feel you’ll like the results, you won’t suffer from too many unnecessary side effects, and you’ll ultimately achieve what you’re hoping to get from it which is certainly a good thing.