Nutricost Caffeine Pills Review

caffeine diet pills from Nutricost

When you want a little bit of an energy kick, you’re probably reaching for a cup of coffee. But I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much money that adds up to, day after day. Figure around $4-$6 every time you visit Starbucks (or your coffee shop of choice), and you can do the math of how much you’re spending in a week, month, year, etc.

How about something that gives you that jolt of energy, without the jitters that come with it, has zero added sugars or calories, and gives you a couple months’ worth for about the price of two cups of coffee? Continue reading below for my review of Nutricost Caffeine Pills, available here on Amazon.

Caffeine Pills for Energy and Weight Loss

I’ll admit it, I am an absolute coffee addict. I never thought I’d be able to do away with that habit. I’ve tried to cut down before, but the caffeine withdrawal headaches were too much for me to bear and I went right back to my 2-3 cups per day.

A friend recommended I try out caffeine pills instead. I can still get the caffeine that I crave for increased energy and alertness, but I wouldn’t have to have my coffee anymore. Plus, at less than $15 for 120 capsules, imagine all the money I’d be saving.

I tried out these caffeine pills from Nutricost and I don’t even know how I survived without them before. They have been an absolute blessing to my routine. I still have my one cup of coffee to start the day, but when mid-day or the afternoon rolls around, this is my go-to source to give me the energy and focus I need to get through the rest of the day. They are also great as a pre-workout to give me the endurance (and fight fatigue) to get me through a tough routine.

Weight Loss Benefits

On top of the energy kick, which is the main reason why anyone would take a caffeine pill, a little-known benefit is that they are helpful when it comes to weight loss. Really! Caffeine is a stimulant that, when ingested, promotes thermogenesis. This is a process whereby the internal temperature of your body is ramped up. The result? Just like turning up the heat on an oven, it helps to burn calories and fat faster.

In addition to thermogenesis, caffeine also has the effect of an appetite suppressant. With less hunger, you don’t have cravings for unhealthy snacks and are better able to be disciplined in your diet.

Burn more calories and have less tendency to overeat? Sounds like the formula for losing weight! It’s no wonder that caffeine has become a popular ingredient in diet pills these days.

Where to Buy Nutricost

I haven’t seen these pills in stores, but I do most of my supplement shopping on Amazon anyway. You can find this in 120, 250, 0r 500 count on Amazon here.

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