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NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil review

If you are looking for a CBD oil that doesn’t have any additives and is just pure USA-made clean hemp, then NuLeaf Naturals is just the brand for you. At NuLeaf, you will get nothing but 100% pure organic hemp oil and nothing else. No artificial fillers or binders or additives, just nothing but the good stuff.

Their products are grown and cultivated on NuLeaf’s farms in Colorado and brought to the mass market to bring the cleanest product available to customers. If you like what you’re hearing already, keep reading below for my full review.

What to Know About NuLeaf Naturals

To start off, let’s get into their cultivation process at NuLeaf. They make their natural CBD oil by using a combo of subcritical and supercritical CO2 extraction methods. There are a few reasons why this is important, so stay with me here. By using a CO2 extraction method, this means that they do not use chemicals or other harsh solvents to do the extraction. The end result is a much cleaner product, not to mention safer for the user.

To start off, they use a fractional extraction in the beginning, a process whereby the oil is extracted at low pressure and temperature to remove the volatile oils that are lighter and more temperature sensitive. After that, they extract it again at a higher pressure and temperature to get rid of the oils that remain. According to NuLeaf, this results in a blend that is higher potency because it preserves a wide range of cannabinoids, phytochemicals, and terpenes.

If you’re lost in all that – don’t worry. Suffice it to say, using CO2 extraction is the top method for the best extraction, and is something you should look for in any CBD oil brand you evaluate. NuLeaf does it right in that regard.

Viscosity and Color

NuLeaf’s products look just like you would expect from the extraction methods that they use. This pure 100% organic hemp oil comes out with a gold tint and is very thin and clean. The more gold it is, the higher purity it is, and this is one of the most golden looking lines of CBD oils around. This color is a result of no additives or artificial ingredients added. If your brand of CBD oil does not have a gold hue, you aren’t getting the pure stuff.

NuLeaf’s Scent

As you are getting a 100% pure product, you can take a guess that it smells exactly like it should. It has a pungent, leafy smell to it that tells me it is of high purity.

NuLeaf’s Taste

Just like with the smell, these products taste just like a pure CBD product should. It has a very plant-like taste to it, I would call it “woody” if you get what I mean by that. It has a little bit of tartness to it as well. Some people enjoy the taste, while it’s not the best for others. It’s not repulsive, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t call it the most pleasant. It is kind of like when you take a wheatgrass shot if you’ve ever had one before.

NuLeaf Naturals cbd oil products

With other brands, the taste gets masked by other additives. With the 100% purity of this product, you’ll get that plant-like taste to it. I’ll take a higher purity, and more effectiveness, over a slightly better taste any day.

Where to Buy

NuLeaf Naturals is by far one of the leaders in this industry, and their pride in the cultivation of their products shines through in their purity and effectiveness. You can find all of their products available on their website here. There are a number of different product options to choose from, depending on the milligram dosage you want as well as the size (milliliters) of the bottle. The pricepoints jump around depending on those two product options, but they have great value buys for those on a budget, as well as some very powerful products for the enthusiasts.

All in all, this is a top-notch brand in the CBD oil industry and I fully endorse their products. Check out more about this company at their website below. Also, for another brand similar to this that I have enjoyed greatly, check out my Thought Cloud review as well. You can also find all my CBD reviews on this page.


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