October 18, 2018

Moon Juice Beauty Dust Review

Beauty Dust Edible Radiance from Moon Juice

I’m all about herbal supplements to keep me healthy inside and out, if you couldn’t figure that out with all the different herbs I’ve reviewed here on this site. When I say inside and out, I mean that I try to take good care of my skin. Yeah, a guy doing skin care. Call me prissy if you want. Wanna fight about it?

One of the products I’ve been using lately is Beauty Dust from a company called Moon Juice and I’m loving the heck out of what it’s done for my skin. As a comedian, I’m up on stage often and, while there are some seriously ugly comedians out there, I still try to look my best. Keeping on top of skin care assures me I look and feel my best.

Why I Use Beauty Dust from Moon Juice

Yeah, you can just look at the packaging above and probably don’t think this is a product for men, but again, it’s working for me and I love it. It’s basically an herbal supplement that you add to tea. When consumed, it nourishes and cleans the skin from the inside out with its antioxidant properties. On top of all that, it tastes absolutely amazing. It’s got a sweet, herbal taste if that makes sense.

Benefits of Beauty Dust

Here is what the claim at Moon Juice about this product. While I can’t scientifically say that it is doing these things for me, I can attest that my skin has never looked or felt this good since I started adding this to tea a few times per week.

  • Antioxidant powers to protect your cells from free radicals and toxins
  • Help maintain collagen protein in the body
  • Increase the elasticity of the skin
  • Help you cope with stress and anxiety
Beauty Dust Edible Radiance from Moon Juice

Obviously, that last one isn’t skin related, but I can vouch for it. It really puts me in a nice mood. It’s become a nighttime ritual of mine to brew a tea with this, put some peppermint oil in a diffuser, and just sit back and leave the stresses of the day behind.


This is a 100% natural herbal product containing the following:

  • Lycium (Goji) Berry Powder
  • Schisandra Berry Powder
  • Rehmannia Root Extract
  • Ashwagandha Root and Leaf Extract
  • Amla Berry Extract
  • Pearl Extract
  • Stevia Leaf Extract (Reb A)

How to Use

Just like with any other herbal supplement in powder form, you can add this to your favorite drink, hot or cold, any way you want really. It goes well with tea, milk, water, matcha, even a smoothie. I sometimes mix it into my post-workout shake along with some cacao powder to destress and regenerate after exercise.

Where to Buy

When it comes to skincare, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your body topically. This potent herbal supplement cleanses you from the inside out and I’ve seen a dramatic difference since I began using it regularly. I combine this with the One Bad Motha’foamer carbonated bubble clay mask and my complexion has really improved, fewer bouts of acne, and you might even say it’s got a bit of a glow to it. Or maybe that’s just the lights shining down on me on stage. In any case, I’m sticking with this.

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Claire Owens occasionally pulls herself away from pilates class long enough to contribute her opinions on health products and topics. When not working out, she enjoys pampering her Yorkie with lavish treats and days at the spa.

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