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It can be tough to find a brand of CBD oil that is made from hemp that is grown in the U.S. You have brands like Endoca grown in Spain and CBDPure in Denmark, for instance. Of the ones that are cultivated in America, you’ll often find that it is grown in Colorado. It’s become the epicenter of these kinds of products stateside.

That’s why it is a bit refreshing to find a brand like Medterra that is made from hemp grown in Kentucky. It’s not the place you think of when it comes to products like this. When I think of Kentucky, I think of bourbon and whiskey.

So what makes Medterra different, besides its origin? Continue reading below for my full review. This brand is one of my top recommendations, and you can click below to go straight to their site. If you want to see where it ranks among the best, you can find all of my CBD brand reviews here:

About Medterra CBD

The majority of hemp grown in the world is international. Russia, China, and South Korea actually make up almost 3/4ths of all the hemp production worldwide.

I’m a guy that likes stuff that is U.S.A. made, regardless of the product type. That’s what first drew me to Medterra.

Their products are grown in Kentucky and follow the strictest guidelines laid out by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

These regulations are much more stringent than you’ll find overseas, and the quality flows through to the products they bring to consumers.

Quality Control

Like any reputable brand of CBD, you can go to their website and find lab test results of every batch that comes through their production line. I like having that assurance and accountability in a product such as this. As this is used for medicinal purposes, I need to know that I’m getting a good product that is effective and safe to use.

Extraction Method

You’ll see this come up with a lot of brands that I review on here, as I only want to give you options that are the best available. Medterra uses CO2 extraction, which is undoubtedly the best practice for extraction. This consists of cycling the herb through stages of temperature and pressure to obtain the oils. The alternative way is to use solvents. This is far inferior, as it can leave trace residue of those chemicals in the final product. Medterra uses the industry-leading method, and their product is pure as can be because of it.

Color, Taste, and Smell

The color of a CBD oil is a good indicator of a purity. The darker it is, the more pure it is. The lighter or more clear it is, that indicates it went through more processing. Medterra’s products are rather clear, but that’s because they are made from a 99%+ CBD isolate. With this process, they have filtered out the cannabinoids and terpenes and other plant materials which would give the oil a green or brown hue. The result of Medterra’s processing leaves nothing but pure CBD.

As for the smell, I didn’t really get much of a scent as compared to other brands. If you are opposed to the smell of hemp extract normally, this is a good choice for you. The smell is faint if anything. In regards to the taste, this is one of my favorite brands. Their product is virtually odorless and tasteless. Other brands have a bit of a potent taste and smell which can be a turn-off to using it regularly like you have to choke it down. You don’t notice anything with Medterra’s oils.


As opposed to other brands like CBDPure that have a small catalog, there are robust offerings at Medterra. You can get their CBD oils in many forms, including:

  • Oils
  • Skin Care
  • Pain Cream
  • Gel Capsules
  • Vape Pens
  • CBD Isolate
products available at Medterra CBD

I’ve really been enjoying their vaporizer pens. They’re just a great delivery system for this herb. They offer them in a variety of flavors (mostly fruity kinds) that taste amazing and work very well. Highly transportable to take it on the go!

Where to Buy

Medterra is one of the industry leaders for good reason. They have high-quality products with a transparency of their potency and purity evident in their lab tests online. They operate under strict cultivation guidelines due to the municipality they operate in, and the quality flows through to their products. Pay a visit to their website for more information and to start shopping!

Medterra Coupon

Exclusive to my readers, get 15% off your order with the coupon code HLCOMIC at checkout!

Other Brands to Check Out

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