October 22, 2018

Marine Muscle Review

review of Marine Muscle legal steroid supplements










No Side-effects


Look at the body of any Marine, and you know they are shredded. Absolutely jacked. That isn’t a coincidence. They put a lot of time in building up their bodies. Both in terms of exercise, and in following a proper diet.

If you want to get ripped like a Marine (obviously, an incredible body to aspire to), then you need to be exercising like a maniac and putting the best stuff into your body. That’s where the Marine Muscle supplements come into play.

Marine Muscle Legal Steroids

This is pretty similar to another brand of legal steroids, Crazy Bulk, that I review here. These supplements get their name because you could practically call them “military grade”. They’re that strong. I gave this brand of supplements a test run to see if they live up to their billing. The answer? Absolutely yes!

What is Marine Muscle?

Marine Muscle supplements were created to give you the benefits of steroids, without all the negative side effects that come with them. They aren’t some magic pill that you can grow to a bigger size overnight, but taking them as directed and combining it with a weight training routine, there’s no reason that you can’t pack on the pounds that you seek.

The best part? Steroid-level performance, but no prescription needed, and no sticking yourself with needles. These are all orally ingested pills and capsules that are 100% safe to take.

Who Should Take Marine Muscle?

If you’re looking for any of the following benefits, these supplements are for you!

  • Build muscle mass at a faster rate
  • Increase your strength
  • Get rid of extra fat
  • Get the most out of your workouts
  • Steroid performance, without the side effects

Who Should NOT Take Marine Muscle?

These aren’t going to magically make you grow without any effort. If you’re not going to hit the gym and tear apart your muscles (which forces them to repair and grow), then these supplements won’t give you the results you seek.


You will find the following ingredients in these supplements. More information on each of these can be found on the official Marine Muscle website.

  • DHEA: hormone booster
  • Beta Sitesterol: testosterone booster (like those here)
  • Pepsin: protein for muscle building
  • Tribulus Terrestris: testosterone booster
  • Shilajit Extract: more energy, less fatigue
  • L-Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate: amino acid for muscle building

Does It Work?

As mentioned above, this line of supplements is only going to get you results if you’re putting in the work. I started taking this and diligently hit the weight room for the next month. I felt the difference in the first week and began noticing it in the mirror already. My muscles had such a nice pump to them, hours after leaving the gym.

My recovery time was also definitely lessened. I was able to push harder in my workouts without fatigue and get more out of each session. At the end of the month, I couldn’t believe it (well, I guess I could, after looking in the mirror) but I was able to add 11 pounds of muscle while not adding any extra fat.


They have a wide range of supplements, so no matter what your goals are, there is something for everybody here. You can buy from any of the following:


These products help you add muscle faster:

  • Enduro
  • Trooper
  • Drill Master
  • Gunner


To cut fat while maintaining muscle mass:

  • Alpha
  • Winger
  • Sergeant
  • Colonel


To get unprecedented gains in the gym:

  • Devil Dog


The best results are going to be experienced when strategically combining these supplements towards your goals. Plus, discounts can be had when buying more than one product! They take the guesswork out for you and make it easy with pre-made stack packages available for purchase, including Bulking, Cutting, and Strength.


When you buy any stack on MarineMuscle.com, you get the following add-ons to your order – HUGE VALUE! The information has been great and kept me on track.

  • Nutrition book
  • Workout program
  • Supplement guide
  • Maintenance guide
  • Intro guide

Where to Buy

These USA-made legal steroids are available only on their website here. I can attest to the gains that I have seen when using these supplements and whole-heartedly endorse them. Click below to start reaching your goals!

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