September 26, 2018

Man Loses 91 Pounds on Keto Diet and Running

Jason Aberly

Weight loss stories always inspire me.  I was fat, depressed, and unhappy about five years ago.  I was bloated, tired, and sloppy.  Then, I met a girl who gave me a kick in the ass and I lost thirty pounds thanks to diet and exercise.  Here I am, just five short years later, with a healthy living blog I do for fun and education.  Today’s inspirational post is about a man who lost 91 pounds. I’ll talk about how he did it, as well as all of the details of his journey, in this five minute read.

Oh, his wife lost 50 pounds as well.  #BOOM

Insane 91 Pound Weight Loss on the Keto Diet

In a little over a year, Jason Aberly turned one mile runs into a marathon.  Along the way he lost almost 100 pounds, according to this Men’s Health story.

The Colorado native, just 38 years young, was an avid hiker until his family life made him abruptly stop.  As the time passed on, his hikes were well behind him, and the number of steps he took each day dwindled as his waist line grew.  He ballooned to 270 pounds.

Jason Aberly

Jason during heavier times.

The former EMT who is now a stay at home Dad who took care of his children and family stated that he “gained all the weight just basically from living my life.”

When he stated that he couldn’t pick up his son due to his belly getting in the way he knew that it was time for a change.

He started with half mile increments, and then moved on to running and walking, as his body permitted him.

He would seek out landmarks and over time, just add another one and keep on building.

His wife, Amanda, eventually joined him and made this a family affair.  The story added that they weren’t focused on weight loss, they just wanted to achieve goals.

May of 2017 rolled around and they set their sights on a 10k race, the Bolder Boulder run.  In advance of this race, Aberly set out to change the diet habits of the entire family.

His breaking point was the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he learned of the Keto Diet.  This eating plan is now famous and is mainly structured by eating fat with a low amount of carbs.

Eating typical keto meals like avocado, eggs, and proteins for breakfast, as well as burgers sans bun for dinner, he moved to add more vegetables into his diet plan.  They remain his only carbs he consumes to this day!

Eventually, Aberly ran into a plan for intermittent fasting and gave it a try by accidentally skipping breakfast.  Using the plan of eating for 8 hours while fasting for 16, he has lost 91 pounds, dropping his weight to 179 pounds!

While he tracks all of his calorie consumption on apps, he’s also upped his running game.  He’s got a half marathon planned and is planning on trying a full marathon in 2019.

Oh, and what about his wife?  She lost 50 pounds as well!


His advice to men his age?  “Don’t wait.”

I could not agree more.  There is no time like the present to get healthy, happy, and stress free.  I tip my cap to Jason and Amanda and wish them a lot of success in the future.

I’m currently intermittent fasting and can relate to this article as I get my carbs from vegetables as well.  Who here is currently doing the Keto diet?  I know it’s popular but I haven’t gone through it to totally get myself a game plan and give it the old college try.  Would love to hear from you!

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