February 4, 2019

Maine Orders Stores to Stop Selling CBD Edibles

I’m always checking the news for updates on what is happening in the CBD industry. It has become a huge passion of mine, so I try to keep up to date on what’s going on. It seems like everywhere business is booming in the cannabis world, and legislation has made it even more available to grow and sell, that the market is poised to become huge in the coming years (in what is already a big industry).

That is why this headline from pressherald.com caught my eye today as it is contrary to pretty much everything else happening in the cannabis industry right now. In a reversal of what is happening nationwide, the government of Maine has recently put a stop to all sales of CDB edible products in their state. Continue reading below for more details on the reasoning behind it, and what this could mean.

Why is Maine Banning CBD Edibles?

Note that it only pertains to edible CBD products. If it can be smoked, vaped, or applied topically to the skin, then it is still OK to sell. No longer can stores sell edibles, which includes oil tinctures, capsules, and gummies. The reasoning behind this shutdown is that state health authorities are enforcing what the federal authorities have deemed as an unapproved food additive. I haven’t looked too deeply into the legality, but it boggles my mind considering it is available for sale in edible form pretty much everywhere else in the US. Is Maine just the only state that is enforcing this? Why is it allowed anywhere else? If you have answers to these questions, please do chime in with a comment to this post.

What bugs me most about this is that so many customers are being robbed of some much needed relief. I have spoken extensively about how much CBD products have changed my life, easing pain and helping me relax and sleep better. It is said in the article that many of those who visit stores in the state choose these products because they cannot afford a medical marijuana card.

Maine stops sale of CBD edibles

In light of this news, I'd have to disagree with that state motto.

Now, they will be forced to buy a medical marijuana card and only buy from licensed dispensaries. On the other hand, they could also change to a different delivery method, such as vaping their oils.

The other people I feel bad for, besides the customers, are the proprietors of these businesses. Many have invested huge sums of money to start up their own shop, joining in a rising industry that brings great benefit to many (both in terms of health and wellness, as well as financially for the owners). One owner quoted in the article said that more than half of his sales come from these products. Who knows what they can do now, but it will be tough to move forward with such a big piece of revenue taken away.

What are your thoughts on this? Should they be allowed to continue to sell these products? Why is Maine the only state making this mandate? Leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Where to Buy CBD in Maine

If you’re a Maine resident and can no longer go to your local store to buy these products, it’s time to look online. I provide reviews of many different brands here: https://www.hlcomic.com/best-cbd-oil-reviews/

For my top recommendation, give Thought Cloud CBD a look: https://www.hlcomic.com/thought-cloud-cbd-oil/

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