October 17, 2018

Limb Lengthening Surgery to Grow Taller

gain height with limb lengthening surgery

Some people go to extraordinary “lengths” (pun intended) to grow taller, but this method takes the cake as the most painful and expensive.

Have you ever heard of limb lengthening surgery? It’s a real thing, and some people are actually going through with it in order to gain 3, 4, 5, or even 6+ inches to their height.

Growing Taller With Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb lengthening, sometimes called height lengthening, is actually a guaranteed way to grow taller. But that doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. It is certainly not an option for me. Most candidates tend to be very short and desperate to get a little taller. If you’re just looking for a couple inches, don’t have an immediacy to getting there, there are other natural ways to go about this.

So I’ve beaten around the bush a bit – what is limb lengthening? This is a surgical procedure in which the bones in your leg are intentionally broken. It can be either the shin bones or the thighs (femur). The science behind it is that when the bones are broken, they biologically heal back together again. When the bones are broken in this procedure, a device is implanted along the bone that stretches the crack apart. Rather than the bone just fusing back together how it normally way, your body is forced to form new bone in the new crack that is formed.

This process is repeated — breaking the bones, stretching the gap, forming new bone in between — multiple times until you have reached your desired height. Sound risky? It is.


  • Effective for huge increases in height – some patients grow up to 5 to 7 inches
  • Can correct deformities like bow legs, knock knees
  • Guaranteed steady growth


  • Painful – you’re breaking your bones!
  • Super expensive
  • Downtime – you’re going to be on rest, in a wheelchair, etc. for months while your legs heal
  • Risk of infection
  • Issues like insomnia or nervousness can result from the pain and stress

My Thoughts

I wouldn’t even think to begin with this kind of operation. It sounds absolutely painful. It costs way too much money. You’re off your feet for months and months, depending on how many iterations you go through. The people who go through something like this are either absolutely desperate, have an inferiority complex about their height, and will do anything to gain a few inches.

My Recommended Methods

Save yourself the unbearable pain to your body and your wallet and avoid this kind of height lengthening surgery at all costs. There are many natural ways to increase your height that save you from this pain and suffering.

You can take a supplement (like this one: hlcomic.com/growth-factor-plus-review) that naturally stimulates the growth hormones in your body that are responsible for your height. You can perform exercises like these to grow taller, all from the comfort of your own home! Another thing that I do at home is relaxing on an inversion table to decompress the spine. It stretches out my vertebrae, and with the massage and heat pad on the Innova Inversion Table I own, I’ve never felt better!

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