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When it comes to the CBD industry, there are a lot of choices and most of them pretty much look the same. That’s what drew me to Koi as a brand that would be perfect for me, as they differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. How so?

For one, their products contain no THC, meaning you’ll get the benefits of CBD oil and nothing but. Nothing but pure stuff here that delivers the health and lifestyle benefits that you seek. I had been looking far and wide for products like this, and here they are.

On top of that, they have a truly unique process in how they make their products. Check out my full review below to find out what I mean by that.

Koi Review: Best Tasting CBD

The products at Koi are, unlike most other options on the market, are an isolate extract. What this means is that their plants are stripped of everything but the CBD during the cultivation and manufacturing processes.

You can get their products in two forms, as an e-liquid or as a tincture. Whether you prefer vaping your CBD in an e-cigarette or other vaporizers or would like to place it under your tongue, you have options here.

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What I really like about this brand is their flavors. You can get them in a handful of different styles, all of which are pretty unique and taste amazing. They have vanilla caramel custard (my favorite), watermelon green apple sour, blue raspberry dragonfruit, strawberry milkshake, and a flavorless additive. While these are their flavors, they go by different names on their site, respectively: Gold Koi, Jade Koi, Blue Koi, Red Koi, and White Koi.

On top of their eliquids and tinctures, they also have treats available for your dog, topical products like hand and body lotion, gummies, as well as their own hardware with their Koi-branded vape pen.

Color, Taste, and Scent

Characteristic of other e-liquid CBD oil, the products at Koi are clear in color. Or, I guess I should say they have no color. Their oils are mixed with vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), which are commonly used as carrier fluids for oils of this type.

With their isolate extraction process, all other plant materials like phytochemicals and other compounds are stripped away, leaving nothing but the CBD. The exclusion of these plant chemicals is what leaves the clear color, otherwise, they’d have a golden or greener hue.

As for the taste and smell, all of the different flavors are just what they sound like: the strawberry milkshake tastes and smells like… well, a strawberry milkshake! The same goes for the other flavors. With the phytochemicals and other compounds stripped away, they don’t have an earthy, plant-like smell that you get with other brands’ products.

Koi Naturals

In 2018 they added a new line of products called Koi Naturals, which I had to take advantage of and try out for myself. These products come infused with Koi PRIZM which is a full spectrum CBD blend that has active cannabinoids like CBD, CBN (described here), CBG, and CBDV.

They come in 60 mL bottles in two strengths (1500 and 3000 mg) and either spearmint or natural flavor.

This CBD blend is administered in a spray bottle. With this, you can either spray it under your tongue (sublingually) or spray it on your food or in your drink. It is such an easy way to get your dose of CBD. Not to mention, with the addition of coconut oil, it has a nice, sweet taste!

Final Thoughts and Where to Buy

If you someone who likes to vape, this is a great brand for you. I like to get my CBD through vaping, but I’m not particularly a fan of CBD oil brands that have no taste or an earthy tone to them. With their five unique flavors, you’ll want to keep taking pulls on these in your vape pen. Your best bet is to buy their variety pack so you can try them all and find what one is your favorite.

I like a brand that makes it fun to use CBD, rather than just treating it is a medicine you have to take. For that reason, I highly endorse this brand and recommend you check them out by visiting their website.

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