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I’m a big fan of supporting family-owned, local businesses. I’m an entrepreneur myself, of sorts, with the creation of this site and I love to give my money to other hard-working families out there instead of big brands. That is what first drew me to Joy Organics when it comes to buying CBD oil.

Joy Organics was founded by Joy Smith, a wife, mom, and grandmother who had trouble sleeping and dealt with chronic pain. Looking for an alternative medicine to cure her aches and insomnia, she tried out a handful of what were deemed the “best” brands of CBD on the market. To her dismay, only one of them really provided her the relief that she sought. That’s when Joy Organics was born.

I love this brand, and have no qualms putting it pretty high on my CBD oil review rankings. Continue reading below to see why I like Joy so much!

About Joy Organics CBD

About Joy Organics CBD

The mission of Joy Organics is to help as many customers as they possibly can. They do this by cultivating the purest organic cannabinoid products possible. Furthermore, they deliver their products at a price that everyone can afford. Those are lofty goals, but Joy found a way to make it happen. I couldn’t be happier that she did!

Quality Control

Joy Organic’s products have a label as being pharmaceutical grade. This designation does not come lightly, as they must adhere to the strictest guidelines for growing and cultivating their oils. Quality control is tightly monitored, and the results show in the end-product with very effective products.

They make their pharmaceutical grade products by following a 7-step process, as outlined below:

  • Organic farming (step 1): They wouldn’t have “Organic” in the name if that wasn’t true! Their hemp is grown in Colorado in soil that is nutrient-rich with 100% organic processes. The hemp that they grow is proprietary to their brand. There is truly no other strain on the market like it.
  • Processing and Extracting (steps 2 and 3): They process their hemp through a proprietary process that utilizes food grade ethanol to maintain levels of terpenes and cannabinoids in their product. This results in what is called a “full spectrum” oil.
  • Distillation, THC Removal, Refining (steps 4 and 5): The extracted oil is then stripped of the ethanol, THC, chlorophyll, wax, and other plant features to produce a pure oil.
  • Lab Testing and Nanoemulsion (steps 6 and 7): The finished product goes through strict testing to check for purity and potency. This is done in-house, with a third-party lab brought in monthly to verify the accuracy. The nanoemulsion then breaks the oil down even further, resulting in one of the most bioavailable CBD products on the market.

Lab tests of all batches can be found on the Joy Organics website, so you have full transparency and confidence that you are buying high-quality products.


At Joy Organics, the main product is CBD tinctures which are available in natural, lemon, orange, and mint flavors. They offer a range of strengths from 500 mg up to 1,500 mg. If you’re a purist, you’ll probably go with the natural flavor, but having tried the others (I’m not generally a fan of CBD oil taste), the flavored tinctures taste pretty darn good and much more preferable for me.

CBD products from Joy Organics

On top of their tinctures, you can also purchase CBD salves which are topical products that you can rub onto the skin for pain relief in the muscles and joints. They work especially when rubbing into your temple when you have a headache.

If you prefer to take this kind of medicine orally, they also sell softgels that contain 10mg of CBD. It’s a nice small bottle that you can easily tuck away in your purse, briefcase, glove box – wherever you need it, really! Even better than that, if you are using these kinds of products to help cure sleep issues, they even make softgels that melatonin. Knocks you right out! They also have softgels that contain curcumin (more detail on the benefits of curcumin here), which is an amazing pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

In addition, they also have CBD dog treats (like at NuLeaf Naturals) to help calm anxiety, relieve pain, and improve mobility in your furry friends!

In Summary

I love family-owned businesses and supporting the good people in the industry. Joy obviously has a lot of love for what she does and it shows in the finished product. Every batch is made with tender care under the strictest quality control conditions. They truly put the consumer first with extras like melatonin, curcumin, and pet products. It’s clearly a customer-focused brand that stands behind their mission statement and executes it perfectly.

If you’d like to get your hands on Joy Organics products, you can visit their flagship store in Fort Collins, Colorado, their second location in Austin, Texas, or by visiting their website here.


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