February 14, 2019

Joe Montana Invests in Cannabis Company

Joe Montana's investment in CBD

In news of another celebrity beginning to show their support of CBD (I have written about others here), I came across the story of football legend Joe Montana making a monstrous investment in the cannabis industry earlier this year.

According to the Associated Press, the four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback (famously of the San Francisco 49ers) announced that his venture firm would be investing $75 million into Caliva, a California-based cannabis company.

Joe Montana’s Cannabis Investment

This isn’t the first football player that we have seen showing support for the use of cannabis products, as previously I wrote about former running back (and fellow Super Bowl champion) Terrell Davis comment that the use of CBD could have extended his playing career. Just like Montana, Davis is also investing his money in the industry with his upcoming launch of a CBD brand called Defy, a sports drink I write about here.

Montana is a strong supporter of the industry, as he has said that cannabis products “can provide relief to many people and can make a serious impact on opioid use or addiction.”

On a similar note, related to football, earlier we also received news of the endorsement of Kathy Ireland for the use of CBD among football players. She is yet another celebrity that is using their business savvy and status to partner up with a cannabis brand. She has recently joined the Board of Directors of the NFL Players Association and will be strongly lobbying for the use of cannabidiol products for football players during their playing days. As it stands, it is a banned substance by the league. She, like other proponents, believes that it can help tremendously for pain relief as well as improve recovery time.

Considering the beating that a football player’s body receives every Sunday (or Monday or Thursday, depending on their schedule), I am all for the use of this alternative medicine to help them live a more pain-free life. I hope that Ireland’s efforts pay off.

About Caliva

The California-based cannabis brand Caliva (official website here) touts themselves as the “most trusted brand in cannabis.” The investment from Montan’s venture capital firm (it is not known how much Montana personally is invested) plans to use the funds to create a more vertically-integrated company which would include a farm, a retail store, a delivery center, and more. This isn’t Montana’s first foray into the marijuana industry, as he previously invested in a marijuana media company called Herb.

Joe Montana invests $75 million in Caliva

I hope that this investment pays off, as well as the endorsement adds more credibility to the growing movement for the use of cannabis products. I have personally benefited so much from products like these, and I hope that opportunity is afforded to all who can improve their lives through such products. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for news on the growth of Caliva and what kind of products they deliver in the coming months and years.

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