November 30, 2018

Jenna Jameson Weight Loss Tips

Whenever I’m looking for diet and fitness tips, as a female, there are certain influencers and personalities that I turn to. Jenna Jameson is not someone who I would think of if you asked me to tell you who’s diet I follow. However, when I was browsing through Google News today looking for updates on weight loss, apparently she was interviewed by People magzine recently where she let the readership know what she does to keep in shape.

Jenna Jameson and Weight Loss

I’ll have to be honest, I’m not a big porn viewer at all. But, Jenna had become so mainstream that even if you don’t view adult material, you probably know who she is. I can’t say I’ve kept tabs on her over the years. I had no idea that she had ballooned up in recent years. She had a banging body back in the day. No clue that she lost that sexy physique.

She recently lost over 80 pounds in just eight months through the use of the keto diet as well as intermittent fasting. That’s wonderful to hear, as those are two topics we talk about on this site here as a means for weight loss! You can find them linked below if you want to learn more about these diets.

So apparently the weight she gained was due to childbirth, so that explains it. It’s not like she just let herself go after her time in front of the camera (showing every inch of her body) ended. I understand! Outside of following keto and intermittent fasting, she had a number of other tips that helped her get her body back into shape.

weight loss tips from Jenna Jameson

Photo by Daily Mail

The first is to not obsess over your weight. A woman’s weight will fluctuate day to day, particularly in regards to the time of the month. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t weigh yourself every day and obsess over it.

The next thing she says to get more exercise, which is basic but valuable advice. Whenever she goes somewhere, if it is within walking distance, she walks! Don’t be lazy, get off your butt! Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Another way to get more of this exercise is to not buy groceries in bulk. Walk to the grocery store every couple days and buy what you need. This forces more walking and helps you stick to a diet.

Another thing she says is to not worry about hunger. It’s OK to be hungry. She used to give into cravings all the time and that caused her to overeat. Now she says she listens to her body and is better able to stick to her diet.

The last tip, which I fully support, is documenting your progress. Take a “before” picture as the motivation of where you were. Keep a diary of your weekly weight and it will do wonders for your motivation when you see the progression.

What do you think? Is this solid advice? I sure think so. I’m especially happy to see the keto diet in there, as I have been inching my body towards ketosis as well so I burn more fat instead of carbs. It’s done wonders! If you want more info on the keto diet, definitely take a look at the resources below:

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