November 13, 2018

Inner Chest Workout

tips to blast your inner pecs

Having already provided tips on how to work your upper pecs and build your lower chest, I’d be remiss to neglect pointing out that you also need to be training your inner pec muscles if you really want your chest to pop. Most people neglect this area and just do some bench presses (at varying angles) for their chest workout. While this will hit your upper and lower pecs, it doesn’t do a ton towards building the inner muscles.

You don’t want that big, flat spread in between your pecs, so you need to be hitting the inner area as well. Continue reading below to get some training tips on how to target these muscles and build an impressive set of pecs that will make you want to be shirtless all the time!

Inner Pec Training Tips

While doing some bench presses will work the area in total, you need to be isolating the inner pecs with specific exercises so that the most stress is placed on this area. To do this, you want to do a lot of movements that incorporate bring your arms across the midline of your body, instead of just extending them straight out in front of you. That means you’re going to be doing a lot of butterfly movements, whether it be lying on your back with dumbbells or using a butterfly machine, and doing cross-overs with cables.

Dumbbell Fly

Doing the dumbbell fly will make your chest muscles tight and toned. If you want to hit the inner pecs, this is one of the most important exercises you can do. It is best to do this movement at the beginning of your workout. I’ve repeated this tip many times for all different muscle groups. Whatever muscle area that is stubborn to grow, you want to isolate that area with targeted movements at the beginning of your workout. This way, the muscles are fresh, full of energy, and able to lift the most weight. That’s how muscles are forced to grow.

The video below gives a good instruction on how to perform this exercise. Besides blasting your inner chest, this movement also flattens your torso as you have to use your abs for stabilization. It can also make your waist look slimmer as you build up a more robust chest.

Cable Crossover

This is a movement that I also included in the lower pec workout tips, and it also does a great job at blasting your inner pecs. Going from a high position at the beginning of the movement to a low position at the end will work your lower and inner chest. If you want to target the inner area more specifically, raise the beginning position of the cable to chest high. Then your arms move along a plane parallel to the ground throughout the movement.

Maximize Your Results

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