How to Tighten Your Vagina

Let’s be honest here, the early years of marriage are all about love making. The lack of children is a key factor as to why both you and your partner, are free to indulge in each other’s presence at all times. However, things don’t always stay the same, and neither does your vagina, unfortunately. The more sex you and your partner have, you increase the chances of stretching out your vagina! It’s a tragedy, but sadly, unavoidable. Don’t give up yet, there is still hope.

If you are a woman, you know what I’m talking about.  If you are a man, you want to know, but you don’t really want to know.  Getting loose, sloppy vaginal walls is something every woman fears.  Coming across loose, sloppy vaginal walls is a sure fire way to freak out someone you start being romantically involved with.  So let’s get right to it, and set the record straight once and for all.

How to Get a Tighter Vagina

In order to keep things spicy for long, here’s a few things to remember. The pelvic wall is made up of a stretchy substance, but everything can be outstretched, just like a rubber band. This can lead to an unsatisfactory sex life and your partner losing interest in you. Your self-esteem can take a big hit as well, since this may be out of your control. Don’t fret, as here are some tips to tighten your kitty, completely naturally.

Observing a healthy lifestyle is always promoted by different sources, who knew that would help in tightening your vagina as well? To strengthen your pelvic floor, you need to eat a well and balanced diet. It is a muscle after all, make sure it gets the proteins along with the pleasurable workout, to keep things in order. Eating foods rich in estrogen can make all the difference. A high estrogen diet consists of carrots, yams, apples, wheat berries and more. Replacing regular milk with soy milk, is one step further to ensuring a tighter kitty.

Stay wary of methods that promote the application of natural ingredients directly onto your cooch. A well-known remedy is to apply vinegar to the vaginal area! Not only can it urge a reaction, but it has no benefits whatsoever. Ingesting it won’t do much good either. Avoid covering yourself in vinegar, or any sort of abrasive liquid.

Roast Beef

People jokingly refer to a loose vagina as “roast beef curtains.”

Along with a balanced diet, working out is necessary. No, I don’t mean the kind that demands you to get into bed with your partner. Regular Kegel exercises can be highly beneficial. In order to find the muscle that needs strengthening, try stopping your urine midway. Soon, you’ll feel the pressure in certain points, and immediately know what to focus on. Once that is achieved, quickly empty your bladder and lie flat, facing upwards. By applying pressure through squeezing your pelvic floor, and holding the position for a few minutes, it can bring about the tightness in your nether regions. By repetitively doing this, you’re already on your way to success! While doing these exercises, avoid clenching you abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

By staying consistent with your diet and workout, you can achieve a tighter vagina in no time! Remember, consistence is key. The road to a tighter vagina and an improved sex life just lacks motivation, some estrogen and daily exercise.