February 5, 2019

How to Talk to Your Doctor About CBD

talking to your doctor about cbd

Since there has been a stigma about cannabis products for quite some time, with their legality being in a gray area that always seems to be changing, it can be difficult to approach your medical professional on whether or not you should start using products like these. However, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating topic. The use of CBD products, as well as medical marijuana, has gained wide acceptance, particularly over the last few years.

Given all of the benefits that CBD products can bring to your health and wellness, there should be no hesitation to bring up this subject when you visit your doctor. Below are some tips to help you broach the conversation and start getting products like these into your life.

Talking to Your Doctor About CBD

While your doctor is a trained professional, having gone through many years of schooling to earn their degree, as well as multiple years of on the job training, the use of CBD is a rather new subject. There are few clinical trials because these types of products have gained prevalence very recently. Due to this, your doctor may not be fully informed of this kind of alternative medicine and may be a skeptic for their use.

talking with your doctor about Cannabidiol

Their years of training have abided by the law of the land, so CBD may not have been part of their curriculum. Some are catching up, but still, there are many who are hesitant to recommend these products.

With the following tips, you will better be able to start the conversation and get the answers (and help) you need.

Advocate for Yourself

You should be the #1 advocate for your health and well-being. If you don’t bring up these products to your doctor, don’t expect them to start the conversation either. It all starts with action on your part to get the option on the table.

Educate Yourself

Doing your own research on what kinds of products you think will help will make the conversation more productive. Know the benefits of CBD and how they apply to your life and why you think it is needed. A great amount of a doctor’s learning comes from their patients, and they are constantly learning. There is so much information about CBD on the internet, this site included, that you should be heavily-armed with all the resources you need in your conversation.

For a list of all the different brands, as well as the variety of products offered, you can start here.

Listen to Your Doctor

Engage in a conversation with them. Don’t just present your side and not listen to their reasons on why (or why not) this alternative medicine is the right method for you. Be open to their opinion and consider all viewpoints.

Discuss the Use for You

Be ready to discuss what issues you are looking to treat with CBD, as well as what benefits CBD provides towards relieving those issues. Know what kinds of things it can help you with, and how that applies to your health.

Place Trust in Your Doctor

In the end, they are the medical professional and will know the best course of action for your needs. They may know of side effects or adverse interactions that may not make it a suitable treatment for you. Above all, listen to their professional recommendation.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About CBD
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