December 5, 2018

Different Ways to Take CBD

different ways to take cbd

CBD oils have become one of the biggest buzzes of 2018, with it set to be even a bigger trend next year according to estimates. While it is talked about a lot, not many are aware of the many different ways that it can be delivered to bring benefits to the body and mind.

If you’ve been curious about these products, but don’t know where to begin, this guide should help clear up any questions.

Methods of CBD Delivery

I’ll preface all this with just a quick bit about the benefits of CBD if you aren’t aware. CBD is a derivative of hemp, from the same cannabis plant that you think of like marijuana. However, all of the THC (the psychoactive chemical) is removed, so it won’t get you high. It’s purely for medicinal use.

It can be used to relieve pains and aches, lift your mood, help you sleep better, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. It truly has revolutionized the wellness industry in the last year or so, and is only growing to become a bigger market for years to come.

Before you think it is something that you smoke like marijuana, let’s get into all the ways that you can take CBD if have any of the issues listed above. With all of these options, brands carry a range of strengths (listed in milligrams) so you can find the dose that is right for your needs. For the purposes of this post, I’m using images of the products from Green Roads CBD, one of my favorite brands that has products in all of these types.

Sublingual Oil

This is one of the most common forms that you will find it in.

It comes in a small bottle with a dropper.

You simply drop some of the oil underneath your tongue where it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream to bring you quick relief.

how to take cbd oil sublingual


These have risen in popularity recently due to how easy they are to take, how tasty they are, and the many positive effects they bring to your health. You can get them in gummies, like shown above, as well as baked treats.

Green Roads has a ton of different gummies available in a wide variety of dosage strength and flavors. Having tried the ones pictured above, I can attest that they taste great!

Green Roads CBD edibles


This is one of the easiest ways to get CBD without interrupting your daily schedule. It is as easy as popping a pill, just like any other vitamin or supplement that you may take.

They typically have an easily-digested glycerol base that dissolves quickly in your stomach to release the cannabinoids into your bloodstream and spread benefit to your body and mind.

CBD capsules

Pain Cream

If you want fast relief for achy muscles or stiff joints, rubbing a cream like the one pictured (or the one recommended in this post) is a quick way to alleviate the troubled area.

While other types of delivery need to get into the bloodstream and work its way to the affected area, this works fast because it is applied directly to the area of need.

You can also rub it on your temples to get rid of a headache quick!

topical cbd pain reliever


I’ll admit that I love taking Nyquil to help me sleep when I have a cold or flu and am guilty of taking it even when the symptoms have gone away, just to help me fall asleep better.

There are risks to taking cold medicine when you are no longer symptomatic, and once I found syrup like the one pictured it has become my new go-to when I am having trouble falling asleep.

This particular product from Green Roads also contains melatonin, another natural sleeping agent.

sleep better with cbd syrup

Tea and Coffee

If you want to get your dose in a more subtle manner, there is nothing better than sipping it brewed in a tea or a coffee. It contains all the therapeutic benefits of CBD, plus all the calming properties (of tea) or energy kick (in coffee). These two beverages are staples in my life anyway, so it is nice to get them with this medicinal herb infused as well for even greater benefit.

coffee and tea made with CBD


The purest and most potent form of CBD is in concentrates. This is the product that comes immediately after extraction from the plant where the cannabinoids are isolated from the other plant parts.

You can mix this concentrate (also available in crystal form) into foods and beverages, mix it with other CBD products, and even just consume it directly.

pure cbd concentrate

Pet Products

Not only is this herb great for humans, but CBD works for pets as well! You can use it to alleviate aches or pains that they may have due to age or injury. Or, if they are suffering from anxiety or restlessness, it can help improve their mood just like it does in humans. Pictured is the Green Roads pet CBD product in oil form, which can be squirted into your pet’s mouth or mixed in with their food or water. You can also buy treats or biscuits that contain CBD.

green roads pet CBD
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