December 18, 2018

How to Stick to Your Diet During the Holidays

diet tips for the holidays

What a wonderful time of year it is! I love the holidays. Between seeing family and friends, giving and receiving gifts, the festive and warm nature that infects everybody, it just puts me in a great mood.

Oh, and of course – there’s the food! There is nothing like all the snacks and drinks that make this season festive, not to mention the huge meals at family gatherings. However, as fun as this time of year is, it makes it tough to stick to your diet during the holidays.

If you have trouble staying disciplined to your diet at this time of year, perhaps these tips will help.

Tips for Holiday Dieting

I’m not saying you need to avoid indulging yourself altogether during the holidays, but be smart about it. Here is some advice that can keep you on track.

Be Accountable

Know what kinds of things are your weakness so you can better plan on how to go about it in a healthy way. For instance, if chips or crackers are a favorite snack of yours, try to find a healthier version of them. Also, avoid overeating them when you do indulge.

Be Picky

Just because there is a huge spread of food in front of you, that doesn’t mean that you have to eat a little bit of everything. Be picky with your food choices and stick with healthier offerings.

Bring Your Own Healthy Option

If you’re going a gathering where you need to bring something to share, don’t contribute to even more unhealthy foods.

Bring along something that is tasty and healthy, for the benefit of you and everybody else!

tips for dieting during the holiday season

Eat Slower

When you scarf down food as fast as you can, it takes a while for your stomach to communicate to your brain that you are full. When you eat at a slower pace, you will feel full much more quickly and are less likely to overeat.

Have a Meal Plan

The best way to stay with a diet is to plan your meals ahead of time. That way there are no surprises and you can stay disciplined.

Indulge (Somewhat)

Having some snacks or a cheat meal is OK, as I write about in this post. Just don’t make it a habit. Have a cheat meal or two every week, or allow a small amount of snacking on your favorite indulgence each day.

Portion Control

Just like you don’t have to eat everything that is presented in front of you, you also don’t have to take a heaping serving of everything. Take what you need at first. If you are still hungry, have a little more. If you take a large serving, you are more than likely to continue eating until you finish what you took.

Wrapping Up

The biggest takeaway is just to make smart choices. You know all of the big meals and the tasty treats this year are going to pack on the pounds if you don’t watch yourself. Remember the reasons for your diet, the goals you’d like to reach, and be smart to keep yourself on track!

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