How to Order a Martini

Dirty Martini

When I’m out for a night on the town, having a steak, or just looking to take things to a nice buzz over happy hour, my drink of choice is the Martini.  Not just any martini, but a vodka dirty martini with blue cheese olives.  I can’t pinpoint when I started drinking these cocktails, but at some point, it just happened, and I haven’t stopped.

Today I’ll talk about how to order a martini. Most people don’t know how to do this, and I figured I’d help some of you fellas out.

How to Order a Martini like a Champ

A typical martini is served in conical shaped, wide-rimmed glasses. This is because the blend contains high levels of alcohol that may put off the idea of a martini as the smell can be too strong. Other drinks like Manhattans, Rob Roys, El Presidentes, Cosmopolitans, and Grasshoppers are also served in these wide rimmed glasses. They can be served in the old school couple, Nick and Nora, and even an old-fashioned glass due to the wide perimeter of the glass. There are several types of martinis out there, but I like to go with the classic vodka martini, extra dirty.  With blue cheese olives, of course.


Step 1:  Choose Vodka or Gin

The first thing to know is that martinis are a blend of 2 parts alcohol (gin or vodka) and 1 part vermouth (fortified wine, dry or white). The ratio is 2:1 for a standard martini but with these options, can vary in ratio. The basic difference between wet and dry is something you need to be aware of. A “wet” martini contains more vermouth, less alcohol. The “dry” vice versa. The ratio can then be 4:1, more alcohol and less vermouth. A “very dry” equals an intense amount of alcohol and less amount of vermouth making the ratio out to be 6:1.   Of course, everyone has their own preferences on which to consume – gin or vodka.

Step 2: Customize Your Cocktail

Martinis can be clean, or in my case – dirty. Clean means no garnish, a simple –or boring- drink without the hassle. Dirty, on the other hand, has olive brine mixed in to make a cloudy drink, an olive garnish to add to the party. It’s good to get a dirty martini if you can’t stomach straight vodka.

If you are looking for something with more of a zest, then ordering a martini with a “twist” is the right way to go. It adds a lemon peel to the mix and in some occasions lemon juice plus salt on the rim. It spices up the drink and adds a different texture. Ordering a “Gibson” might sound strange but it adds a unique touch to the drink, as the garnish is onion.

Step 3:  Delivery

The most important thing to remember is to shake vodka and stir the gin. You don’t want to lose the flavor of gin, as shaking it will only make it separate. You’ll end up with an oily drink that tastes horrid. Infusing vermouth with the vodka is necessary as vodka in itself is flavorless, and the vermouth would be doing most of the work.

Once you’re done ordering your drink, the question still remains, chilled or not? In order for you to enjoy a chilly blend, a classic “On the rocks” will give you just that! A “Straight up” is similar except the drink is first stirred or shaken with ice. You are now ready to go to the closest bar and order martinis like a pro.  Don’t let me down!