December 17, 2018

How to Lose Weight Without Exercising

When it comes to losing weight, you know that you have to eat right and get a steady amount of physical activity to burn some calories. But what if I told you there are some hacks that can help you shed some pounds without exercising?

Now, I’m not going to preach that you should religiously abide by this and never exercise at all – the benefits of exercise go far beyond just weight loss – but you can add some of these tips below if you want a little help along the way on your weight loss journey!

Tips for Weight Loss Without Exercising

These tips are taken from an article I recently read in Reader’s Digest and have to do with your mindset, as well as some diet choices to make. How many of these weight loss hacks can you implement into your life?

Let the Garbage Pile Up

Pretty much anything that you eat will leave some kind of a mess. Whether it be the wrapper to a packaged food, a peel from fruit, an empty bottle, or a fast food bag, resist the urge to tidy up and toss them in the trash. Instead, create a pile of these items as a reminder of how much you’ve eaten and what you’ve eaten. I’m not saying let this sit for days and start a colony of flies, rather just do it for the day and notice how much you’ve been eating.

Have a Positive Mindset

Instead of telling yourself that you have to eat healthier, change to saying I want to eat healthier. Remember what your goals are, why you are working towards them, and envision what the end result looks like. Having constant reminders and a motivational mindset can help you stick with your diet plan with more discipline.

Keep the Lights On

Many restaurants, especially if it is for a romantic setting, dim their lights.

A recent study found that diners in well-lit rooms were actually 15-25% more likely to make healthier food choices. The same goes for eating at home. 

keep the lights on and make healthier food choices

You can better control the serving size and stick to your portion control and are less prone to overeat just because there is still food on the plate.

Avoid Diet Drinks

Just because something says “diet” on the label, that doesn’t mean it is actually going to help you lose weight. I talk about it in another post, but all of the artificial sweeteners in drinks like diet soda can interfere with hormones and enzymes in your body and actually lead to weight gain. Not to mention all the sugars and other unnatural additives to create the flavor in these kinds of drinks. Skip them altogether.

Breathe in Some Vanilla

This is an odd one, but according to a study, participants who wore a patch on their wrist scented with vanilla actually reported fewer cravings. ravings in general, especially for sweets and desserts. I’m not sure where to buy a vanilla-scented wrist patch, but perhaps try out some vanilla candles or incense and see if your appetite is curbed. In addition, for an added boost, most diet pills (like those reviewed here) contain appetite suppressants to also control your cravings.

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