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You may think I’m out of my mind and off my rocker, but this was an actual topic last night at my card game. As we joked with Brian “Doctor Squatty” Bohlman, about his height, he made a casual mention that it’s actually possible to grow taller over time. While I was totally in shock, I won’t question the Doc, at least before I do some research on my own and try to find out if this was him trying to pull a fast one on us or if this has any medical data backing up this claim.

Can You Make Yourself Grow Taller?

As truth tells it, along with many credible websites online that back this up, you can do exercises to increase your height. While some of them may work, others are a complete waste of time. I’m going to give you the cliff notes on what I found out so that if you are on the short end of the genetic pool, (pun intended) you can take some action and maybe inch towards being taller. (Yep, another pun intended.)

Exercises to Help You Grow Taller

Some reports have boasted of 2-4″ increases in height, and the best part about them is that you only need about five minutes each day to complete them. Prior to embarking on this mission to become taller, you should consult someone who knows about your health limitations and history. A family physician is always a great starting point. You don’tSpine want to do something that your body shouldn’t be forced into doing, so please take that advice to the bank.

The key to grow taller is to decompress your spine. It has to be in a neutral position for it to have the ability to extend towards the sky.

Another thing that doing regular exercises will help you with is to correct any mistakes you’ve made in your posture. We all could use a bit of an enhancement to our posture, and I know as I type this article right now I can feel my back sag. When you strengthen your spine and core you essentially increase your muscular development to a point where your posture becomes nearly perfect, so even if becoming a taller person isn’t a goal of yours, these exercises should be something to incorporate into your daily life to enhance your posture.


They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, in my opinion, a video is worth a solid 10,000 words. I couldn’t possibly explain this topic in a better manner myself, so watching this video should be a good reference point for anyone looking to get proper visuals of the exercises that will help you grow taller.

What Other Growth Methods are There?

Once you’ve incorporated and mastered these core exercises and stretches that will help your posture and spine, there aren’t many other ways to grow taller. Of course, boosting your testosterone with either this natural herb or this nutritional supplement can always help you in the gym, which will, in turn, lead to better posture and a stronger spine. Should other methods surface, I’ll be back with my analysis, witty comments, and overall review. Until then, stay nimble, stay humble, and grow up! (Three puns today.)

Frequently Asked Questions about Growing Taller

So many people have hundreds of different questions when trying to figure out how to grow taller. Some of them include:

Is it possible to get taller in a day?

Is there truth to the rumor that height growth pills actually work?

Or better yet…

Can you grow taller after age 25?

For those looking for the answers to these questions and more, today is your lucky day. We’re about to take a moment to answer very specific questions about growing taller.

We’ve answered hundreds of these questions throughout the years and today we are going to provide an FAQ with the answers to the most common, typical, and regular questions.

Grow Taller Questions Table of Contents

If there are specific questions you’re looking for the answers for, here is what covered when you scroll down to the full Q & A below.

General Questions

  • What causes us to grow taller?
  • Is it possible to grow taller in a single day?

Health Questions

  • Is it true that height growth pills actually work?
  • Will playing sports make you grow taller?
  • Does stretching help one grow taller?
  • Do I need a certain amount of sleep to grow taller?
  • Does being overweight stop one from growing taller?

Age-Related Questions

  • How old are you when you stop growing?
  • Can someone grow taller after reaching puberty from a scientific standpoint?
  • How can a person get a growth spurt?

Stunted Growth Questions

  • Will weight lifting stunt your growth?
  • What are the factors that stunt your growth?
  • Can growth be stunted by caffeine usage?
  • Will drinking tea or coffee stunt your growth?
  • Will drinking soda stunt your growth?
  • Will smoking cigarettes stunt your growth?

General Questions and Answers

tips to grow taller

What causes us to grow taller?

Answer: A person can do many different things to help you grow taller. Five ways to increase your height include strengthening your spine through stretching exercises, having a good posture, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and remaining slender.

Is it possible to grow taller in a single day?

Answer: Straightening your posture is the fastest way to grow taller in a single day. By straightening your posture, you can instantly add a few inches to your height.

Health Questions and Answers

Is it true that height growth pills actually work?

Answer: Yes they do actually work.

Truth be told, your ability to grow taller hinges upon your nutrition levels. If you neglect your nutrition, you will stunt your growth and it will be harder to reach your full height potential.

pills to grow taller

Taking grow taller pills works because you are consuming the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to reach your ideal height levels. Some supplements are obviously better than others, so finding legitimate height growth supplements that work is your best bet to getting taller using this method.

Will playing sports make you grow taller?

Answer: The short answer is that playing sports can help you actually grow taller, but not all sports are going to help with this aspect of your growth. Some sports aren’t going to be relevant to your height at all and some will have a positive impact. Other sports can have a negative impact.

grow taller by playing sports

Five sports that’ll make it easier to lengthen your spine include swimming, basketball, volleyball, cycling, and rock climbing.

Does stretching help one grow taller?

Answer: As a matter of fact, stretching is a good way for someone to grow taller.

There are certain exercises that you can do that will definitely help you increase your height.

add height by stretching

Do I need a certain amount of sleep to grow taller?

Answer: For the most part, it is expected that you get around eight hours of sleep each night in an effort to grow taller. Some sources will tell you that you should sleep for nine hours on a given day and others will tell you that six hours is more than enough.

what amount of sleep do you need to grow taller?

Generally speaking, as far as health is concerned, there really is no optimal amount of sleep since some people can thrive on much less sleep than others. As far as growing in height is concerned, sleep is definitely a good thing for a couple of reasons.

First, it helps to decompress your spine. If you sleep for eight hours or more and get a good night of sleep, you can measure yourself and you will have actually grown a half an inch to an inch. This happens because your spine is only capable of decompressing as you lie down since it is no longer carrying your body weight around. When you are standing or sitting while awake, you are carrying around your body weight.

So, it only makes sense that the longer you sleep, the more your spine will decompress, and the taller you will be.

Second, sleeping helps to increase the HGH levels in your blood. Also known as human growth hormone, this is a biochemical produced by the body that is very important in the growth process. Getting a good night sleep is the best and most effective way to increase HGH levels although there are other methods to do so naturally, especially by changing around your diet.

Does being overweight stop one from growing taller?

Answer: Unfortunately, being overweight will definitely have a negative impact on your height. The additional weight will compress your spine and prevent it from being as elongated as it possibly can. And the compression on your spine will make it impossible for you to achieve your maximum levels of height.

Again, since the compression on your spine is going to happen from being overweight, the possibility of you growing taller becomes less and less. No one is saying you have to be super fit or in crazy good shape like your favorite professional athletes, but maintaining a healthy body weight is definitely a good idea. This is especially true if you’d like to be taller and reach your complete potential for achieving full height.

Age-Related Questions and Answers

How old are you when you stop growing?

Answer: The answer to this question comes in two parts.

For starters, there really isn’t a specific age for people to stop growing. We all stop growing at a different age and it’s not a one size fits all situation.

at what age do you stop growing?

Some of the factors that can determine when you stop growing include your diet, your hormonal balance, whether or not you have postural misalignment or bone diseases and skeleton abnormalities, and your day-to-day habits and lifestyle will all have an impact on when you will eventually stop growing.

Second, as mentioned there really isn’t a predetermined age for your growth to suddenly stop. Your body is a complex system and it will stop developing when it feels the time is right and you have no control over this whatsoever. So don’t even bother trying to predict when you will stop growing, because time will tell and that’s basically all there is to it.

Can someone grow taller after reaching puberty from a scientific standpoint?

Answer: Yes, it is scientifically possible to continue growing after you’ve reached puberty.

As a matter of fact, there is no age limit to determine how young or old you have to be to grow taller.

can you grow taller after puberty?

Case in point, my father was 5’2” until he was 19 years old and then he had a sudden growth spurt and grew another 10 inches well after he had already finished going through puberty.

How can a person get a growth spurt?

Answer: There really is no rhyme or reason as to when or how you can get a growth spurt. Some people suddenly have a growth spurt out of nowhere and there’s nothing you can do to manually make this happened. It’s just something that happens as you age naturally and you have no control over it.

If you hope to grow taller, this is definitely going to be possible during your years as a teenager. At some point during this stage of your life you will most likely have a growth spurt. But nobody knows how tall you’ll grow or how much of a growth spurt you’ll have.

On the other hand, just like the example with my father, some people can get their growth spurt a little bit later in life. It will typically happen right before they reach their 20s, so if you haven’t had a growth spurt yet, do not despair if you are still only 18 or 19 years old because your growth spurt might still happen.

Just know that it is possible to take steps to help your body achieve its maximum height during puberty. Just look online for other information that will teach you how to grow taller during the puberty stages.

Stunted Growth Questions and Answers

Will weight lifting stunt your growth?

Answer: Not every weightlifting exercise is going to have a negative impact on your growth.

Some of these exercises can certainly stunt your growth, while others will not have any effect positive or negative.

does lifting weights stunt your growth?

Basically, any of the exercises that will cause your spine to compress is going to have a negative impact on your growth. In fact, these exercises certainly can stunt your growth. They include exercises like handstand push-ups, weighted squats, and overhead shoulder presses.

On the flipside, other popular exercises will not have a negative impact on your spine whatsoever. They include triceps pushdowns, pull-ups, and flat bench presses. Also, there are certain exercises that you can do to increase the length of your spine, so look into that as well.

What are the factors that stunt your growth?

Answer: There are five potential areas that can stunt your growth. They include bone diseases like disc degeneration, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis; postural misalignment, lack of sleep, spine compressing activities, and malnutrition.

Can growth be stunted by caffeine usage?

Answer: The simple answer is no, caffeine is not going to stunt your growth whatsoever, so if you love drinking coffee or your favorite colas, you should continue to do so.

On the other hand, caffeine has an indirect correlation between short people and caffeine use.

does caffeine affect your growth?

These people typically tend to drink a lot of caffeine and fail to get enough sleep. While sleep deprived, they just aren’t going to grow as much as other people who do get a lot of sleep. So speaking from a general perspective, if you do take in too much caffeine too often you’ll sleep less and this could potentially cause you to be shorter than you’d prefer.

Will drinking tea or coffee stunt your growth?

Answer: Drinking coffee or tea will not stunt your growth.

does drinking tea stunt your growth?

Will drinking soda stunt your growth?

Answer: Drinking soda will not stunt your growth either.

 There is nothing contained within this product that would have a negative impact on your growth cycle, so have no fear and enjoy drinking your favorite sodas.

does drinking soda have an effect on your growth?

Will smoking cigarettes stunt your growth?

Answer: Smoking cigarettes does not have a negative impact on your growth.

Many young smokers grow to be 6 feet in height or more. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are just lying to you or sharing old wives tales.

do cigarettes stunt your growth?

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