October 10, 2018

How to Grow Taller in a Week


There are many facts and myths about growing taller, but the strange truth is, you can actually get taller and increase your height. BUT, you have to know what you are doing and understand how the human body works. Today I’ll talk about a few simple hacks that can help you grow taller in a week.

How to Increase Height in One Week

If you follow these tips, it’s definitely possible to add a natural boost (pun intended) to your height.

#1: Exercise

This may sound like something you need to be doing anyway, and you should for many reasons.

This isn’t a lie, and it’s actually the best way to increase your height.

Work out

While there are many forms of working out, it’s said that swimming is the best one to focus on because it stretches your spinal cord. Also, when you swim, you release hormones that help your bone size increase. #DoubleWhammy.

#2: Stretch


If you are looking for fast results, focus next on stretching.

There are a wide variety of exercises that you can perform, but there are two in particular that really work well to up your game.

(I’m full of puns today, aren’t I?)

  • Sky Stretch: Stand straight up and reach for the sky. Stand on your toes and keep this position for a full 10 seconds. After your break, do this five more times.
  • Leg Stretch: Sit with both of your legs in front of you. Touch your toes but make sure you don’t hunch your back. A solid stretch will be felt throughout your entire body.

If you can do these exercises three times daily, you’ll be way ahead of the curve and possibly adding inches to your height.

#3: Eat Clean & Healthy

Another one, captain obvious! Sure, this sounds easy, but who really eats super healthy?

We all should get our solid vegetables because veggies promote weight loss, and with a more svelte frame you won’t hunch as much, which assists the spine.

Eating Clean

In addition to this, you’ll get improved skin and hair when you eat clean, and your body have the best ability to grow because of this. A good mix of proteins, vitamins, and minerals will be a great start. When you eat bad, you actually can stunt your growth.

#4: Get a Good Night’s Sleep


When you sleep well your body will stretch out in a natural manner. If you can keep your legs far out in front of you and hold your arms by your side while you sleep, even better.

If you can sleep in a position like that on a daily basis, you’ll get additional benefits.

You’ll hate me for saying this, but studies show that a pillow can ruin your posture. Think about sleeping without a pillow, as hard as that may sound. With 6, 7, or 8 hours (or more for your lazy people) you’ll get a lot of added benefits and chances to grow taller.

While these are all growth remedies you can do at home to increase your height, there is also a supplement I highly recommend you check out. It’s the top selling growth supplement on HGH.com, and it’s called Growth Factor Plus. It really works, and has a ton of credible science behind it.

In addition to that, I’ve also penned an article on growing taller. This isn’t a one week guide, like this one, but it’s a fully encompassing article with many tips.

So you short guys, there are no more excuses!

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